Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Sediment Deposits - St Lucia Estuary

Adults participating in the St Lucia Estuary/Lake debate has for far to long ignored their responsibility towards the health of this system. Sediment deposited from rivers originate in the catchment areas. This phenomena is natural but is activated by humans. Especially due to modernization and the farming that comes with it. Here is where our, the adult thinkers, responsibility lies. We need to manage this.

The responsibility to except ownership of human impact on Nature. Unfortunately this does not favour liberalism. Here a hard stance needs to be taken and active decision making and proactive action is needed. We cannot sit and tolerate the emotional baggage that comes with denial.  If you have not the stomach don't take part in public opinions. Your emotional outcry is hampering the management of the habitats that we all need to survive from.

Sediment management is a must ...by any means necessary. Mining, Dredging even excavations. Sand is becoming a rare commodity. Yet St Lucia system is choked by it.