Friday, March 16, 2007

Equinox Explained

Twice a year, on the change of seasons, equinox occurs. Directly translated from Latin it means equal nights. At this point in time high seas surges are experienced. When equinox co-insides with a spring tide, the surges will be higher than other years. If it so happens that a lunar eclipse is at hand, close to an equinox an even higher surge is experienced.

Every now and then the Moon is on its closest path to the earth. When these co-insides with equinox and a lunar eclipse on spring tide really heavy sea surges are at hand. What is really going to be spectacular during the week from the 18th of March and 25th of March 2007 is that the moon is on its closest path to the earth in a long time. (about 60 years)

These will co-insides with a new moon spring tide and probably two cyclones pushing from the sea. It could lead to a spectacular worth watching. What better place to experience it than St. Lucia Estuary Mouth. Be there 21st March 2007. Swells could rise up to 6m plus. Not only an experience of a lifetime but it could equal the size of the surge that wiped Phuket in 2004. (No Tsunami Warning. Just a high sea surge prediction.)

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