Friday, March 16, 2007

Fishing Report, 16 March 2007

With spring tide around the corner and St. Lucia Mouth being open St. Lucia is expecting a bumper weekend. Fishing has been fair over the past two weeks but nothing exceptional. Various sizes of shad are coming out and some Salmon, Grunter and Blood Snappers have graced anglers with their presence.


Rain is building up over the Wetlands, which is a good thing for the fresh water table that needs to rise some more, but it could spell hard work for leisure anglers that prefer sunny weather. With the clean sea water entering the system reports have been received from Tour Boat operators of prawns frolicking up to wards the narrows.


Tidal movement over the Mangrove swap forest air roots will establish colonies of fiddler crabs and mangrove snails. With these eco systems re-establishing them selves rapidly, we can expect bigger predators to follow. Fresh water flora species is dying off and will soon decay completely.


High seas are expected between the 20th and 25th of March 2007. Swells could exceed 3.5m and if another cyclone or storm manifests it self in the area, swells could become even higher. Weather changes pre-seeding this period will lead to successful catches being made.


Deep Sea:

Bottom fish catches has been exceptional but game fish have been eluding the anxious anglers. Some nice skipjacks have been caught. Easter Holidays will be fully booked and recreational anglers should consider spending time outside of this period.

Petrus Viviers

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