Sunday, March 04, 2007

St. Lucia Water Level Update

Water where rushing in through the gap since about 03h00 on 03 March 2007.
It was clear that continues in flow of water into the system where due to
the fact that the Estuary levels where much lower than that of the ocean.
With the rise of high tide by late afternoon many an aspiring fisherman
where lining the banks of the Estuary awaiting the long lost big ones
entering the system.

The Cyclone pushing hard from behind and the high spring tide must have had
the big ones on the run. Only a couple of very large slippery eels where
caught. Some more fortunate anglers caught some nice size grunters in the
surf next to the new mouth. The high swells made fishing in the surf very
unpleasant and only the hardy anglers persisted.

With the high tides expected around the weekend of 20 March 2007 it might be even more spectacular to watch the ocean on that weekend. Neap tides this coming weak may slow down the force of the wave action and could lead to more pleasant fishing conditions.

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