Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Tidal Surge 20 March 2007

This was no ordinary storm surge. It started off with huge waves and a strong South-South Westerly wind on 18 March 2007. By 20 March the winds has calmed down and changed to a moderate North Easterly wind. By Tuesday evening it was a nice calm day with very high tides.

Well this was a spring tide equinox to remember for some years to come. The face of the Estuary changed for a long time emphasizing the power of Nature and the dynamics of an ever-changing eco system. The damage, although extensive to some other parts of the coast eg Durban and Umloti, was minimal in St. Lucia town and Wetlands Park.

The main contributing factor is the lack of infra structure development in the coastal regions. For many years KZN Wildlife has restricted development to a bare minimum. Recreational 4x4 vehicles mostly used the area, and they require minimum infrastructure and had very little impact on the surroundings.
Durban and the South Coast suffered major infrastructure loss. This is due to hard surface development with in the coastal zone. Some development where right on the high water mark in areas that where flooded in the late ’70 and early 80’s.

Storm Surge


  1. Howdy Petrus

    Thanks for the pictures, they are awesome,we have a house in St Lucia and have been keen to see what the impact of the storms was. I guess the fishing has picked up a bit now.



  2. Improved Fishing
    Hi Andrew

    This morning almost every one gone fishing had at least two Grunter that where size in their bag.

    Many Grunter are coming out, but most of them does not make the size limit. Some small Salmon, 2.5 to 3 kg was also bagged this morning.

    23 March 2007 06h00 to 09h00