Tuesday, April 17, 2007

User Group Education:

User Group Education:

It is clear that the recent opening of the Estuary Mouth draw anglers from all walks of life. Come 18h00 every Friday evening the Vehicles with registration RHB, NT, NES and ND starts arriving in the small town of St. Lucia Estuary. Since any business is better than no business many small business owners has welcomed the natural breach of the Estuary mouth, but this user group is not contributing much, except garbage.
Loaded to capacity and stocked up for two or three nights fishing they swarm onto the beach lighting it up with, neon florescent and gas lamps. Digging in deep to spend the night, many put make shift shelters or some even tents.

The reminisce of their stay is quite visible by Sunday morning a breakfast inducing odor fills the fresh see breeze. This odor is the accumulative smell of thousands of pieces of rotting sardine strewn all over the beach. Coast Care’s job is cut out for a week picking up hundreds of meters of discarded fishing line and thousands of plastic bags and empty beer bottles.

The visiting foreign tourist is left with a breath taking view similar than that of a rubbish dump. What an experience it must be to fly 11 hours, drive 3000km cross country to stand in the middle of the first proclaimed world heritage site of a young democracy and enjoying the combined waste of three municipalities on a small piece of coast where the five fragile eco-systems meets on an area barely bigger than three soccer fields.

Hell guys you put us to shame. It is gross to share the heritage of our children with you. Surely you have more pride than to leave with out cleaning up behind you.

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