Friday, May 04, 2007

BOATING ON St Lucia Estuary

BOATING ON Inland Waters:

There are new rules for piloting power craft on inland waters including estuaries.>From the 1st of April 2007 all people piloting a vessel must be in possession of an Inland Waters Skippers Ticket. They must be a member of a registered boating or yacht club. The vessel must be registered with the club and the club`s safety officer will check all the safety equipment on the boat before registering it. This equipment includes the following which must all be clearly marked with the club number.- SABS life jacket for each person on board.- 1 handheld Smoke Maker.- If the boat has only one motor then there must also be a pair of oars.- 1 water tight capsize bottle.- An anchor with 3 metres of chain and 50 metres of rope.- The vessel must have 30% bouyancy.- The boat trailer must be clearly marked with the owner`s name, cellphone number and boat name.

Article by: Rhino Club

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