Saturday, June 09, 2007


St Lucia Estuary
Greater St Lucia Wetlands Park
Boat Based Whale Watching

Dear ALL - Liewe ALMAL

I think today is Marcia from Kian's office 's responsibility to let you know just HOW much she enjoyed the whale watching trip !!!!!!! And Futhi and Amanda also went out this morning on behalf of Buya Futhi , so they can अल्सो vouch for the good tour !

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many times we can talk and babble and go on and
on about THE whale watching trips and how it is TRULY an EMOTIONAL
SOUL-STIRRING experience - and YES , it IS expensive I KNOW , but it is a
very fragile highly expensive operation to upkeep , and to keep within the
parameters of Marine and Coastal Management Rules and Regulations with the
BOAT BASED WHALE WATCHING permit - we just cannot operate any cheaper - but
I always try and ''sell'' the tour in such a way , and you can use the same
tactic to sell the trip - it's done with only the best qualified Marine
Mammal Qualified Guides and specialized 9m+ skippers , its' only THE best
9+m hard-hulled vessel with all the necessary 3rd part liabilities and
insurances , it's highly trained boatsman and crew thats in our employ - and
all of this comes at a cost - then we don't even want to burden you with all
the other overhead and running expenses - and now I've already blabbed too
much again - BUT .....boiling down to the fact that only people that have
actually experienced the tour can REALLY talk about the tour , so I'd like
to ask Marcia to send out an e-mail and say whether she enjoyed this
mornings ' trip or not .

Jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....kiepie soos ek moet in die kantoor sit en eposse
uitstuur , toemaaaaaaaaar ek kerm sommer net vir niks , as I'm allowed to go
whale watching whenever I please , but just KNOW that it THE tour to do
before the end of the season .

It's a financial experience you make in your life , and 2 hours that you'll
never forget .!!!!!! Please say that to your clientele , as I know they can
sometimes uhm and ahh about the rate ...

Danie saw 5 HUMPBACK whales again this morning and about 20 Bottlenose
Dolphins !

Please let me know if you have any questions .

Warm Zululand Regards
Riëtte Bennett
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