Monday, September 24, 2007

21 - 22 September 2007 Weekend Fishing Update

What a fabulous weekend. Weather lasted until Monday before it became rainy and over cast.
Deep Sea fishing was good and Mavrick, with Johan Combrink 0824182814, brought home some nice bottoms.
Bookings with Mavrick must be done trough Jo-A-Lise on 035 - 5901224.
A wide variety of species can be caught at the St. Lucia Estuary Mouth entrance.
Mouth Conditions:
Regular maintenance dredging must commence soonest to rid system of sediment built up that was carried into the system since May 2007.
It seems that major damage was done to the equipment with the previous High Seas over the weekend of 9 May 2007.
Since Demonia back in 1984, a task team was commisioned to assest the best way to manage the Estuary Mouth and system.
It was decided, after much deliberation, that a sediment trap will be dredged at the entrance of the mouth to control excesive sediment built up in
the mouth area of the Estuary. This seemed to fail the health of the system since a large sand bar built up around Honeymoonbend could be seen.
This could be also contributed to the fact that the prolonged drought has effected the hydrology of the system to such an extend that it could not flash the system natuaraly any longer. What ever the senario, human interferance has changed the fresh water supply to the system and the sediment built up due to soil erossion in the catchment areas of the five rivers feeding the system.
Projects fighting soil erosion could be great job creation opportunities for the country and will have a positive effect on the long term management of our water resources of South Africa. With soil erosion the run off of water is rapidly and the absence of vegetation is present to support the top soil. With soil management programmers a better water retension will have positive effect on ground water tables.
Story By:
For Africa
P.J. Viviers


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