Saturday, September 15, 2007

Fishing Report 15/09/2007

Current Conditions:

Rainy and over cast;

The St. Lucia Estuary and Lake System greatly benefits from these conditions. With the mouth recently close, fresh water is in high demand to equalize the salinity in the upper parts of the lake where evaporation is very high.

Fishing this weekend will be good, but only the hardy and persistent souls will endeavor on such outings. Most people will be reluctant to brave these adverse conditions. This creates great sight seeing opportunities for families and some quality time could be spend together.

Spring Holidays:

With the start of the school holidays around 21 September St. Lucia will be buzzing again with domestic tourist. St. Lucia as a town offer great opportunities for families to spend some time together on picnic, fishing, game viewing and sight seeing expeditions.

With the new loop roads opening more avenues to explore the Eastern shores and enjoy the splendors of the wetlands giving visitors greater freedom to traverse the area. This was achieved by upgrading some of the old logging roads with hard surface and now ordinary vehicles can now travel to secluded spots and beautiful view sights.

Spring Fishing:

High seas are expected around 26 September and this could lead to some spectacular views of the ocean and a natural breach of the Estuary mouth might be experienced once more this year. With a good rainfall such a breach should last well into the New Year.

These conditions could restrict fishing to the estuary and Grunter catches are expected to be good. Shad season closes from October to December. Anglers are reminded that bag limits are four per person and angling licenses are required.

Be Care full:

There are two new "sheriffs in town";

St. Lucia has its own resident traffic officer working the area and holiday makers are warned not to speed, drive with out a valid vehicle license or under the influence of alcohol. Do not drive with passengers on the tale gate or speed with quads in the streets of our quite village.

This warning extends to the marine side of things since Mr. Gerber, previously from the anti poaching unit, is now the new "boss" on the marine side. Be sure that fishing regulations will be enforced and perpetrators will be reckoned with. Please protect our heritage for our children to enjoy. Over fishing and pollution is a great threat to our environment.

For Africa
P.J. Viviers

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