Friday, September 07, 2007

Mouth Close Again

The dreaded deed is done. This time by mother nature. This had no impact on the people flocking to St. Lucia and the fishermen experienced great catches. Hordes of
anglers migrate to the beaches of Mphelane and casting their lines into the under utilized bay at the foot of the Majestic sand dune.
St. Luica has changed much over the past seven years since the beach ban act. Great effort went into the marketing of St. Lucia area as a wildlife destination. More vehicle trails has been open to the public on the Eastern Shores of Lake St. Lucia with very little impact on the environment. Almost al the Pine trees has been removed and this will greatly improve the fresh water supply to the Lake System.
All in all the erea is gearing up to be a world class wild life destination affordable for people from all walks off life.
For Africa
P.J. Viviers


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