Monday, October 01, 2007

Drop Shot vs Bait


Drop Shot vs Bait


Many years ago I tried my hand at fly-fishing. Not having much luck choosing between floating, intermediate and sinking lines, leaders and tips, I approached one of the regions most successful fly anglers for some advice. After spending many hours talking to him in an attempt to understand all the techniques, he handed me a tit bit of information.
This was very insignificant to many people, but to me it made all the difference. He said that the most important thing about fly-fishing is the time that your fly spends in the water. Wow…what great piece of advice. My grandfather told me when I was still a wee little boy. " If you want to catch some thing you have to have bait in the water."

So I turned to drop shot…but it was in the early stages of the craze and very little was known about this method. Eventually my drop shot rod got damage en route on a fishing expedition. Out of pure frustration I took my small Shimano Reel and fitted it onto my fly rod, fixed a 25 lb trace leader with a number one Kendal round hook attached to it, I grabbed a sard and of I went.

Steadily I worked the sand banks around The St. Lucia Estuary mouth. It was not long till I bagged two fair sized sand fish and a reasonable sole amongst all the banana fish and glassy. Well not only did I have loads of fun but I had more live bait than one angler could need in a week. That Night the wife and I feasted like royalty on our gourmet dinner.
I was hooked and never have I needed to dream up another expensive way to spend my leisure hours around the fishing waters. I always had fun and more often that none something to eat.
My advice too all the board anglers, spend more time with bait in the water rather than with a sales person in a tackle shop.
For Africa
P.J. Viviers

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