Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hippo on the move

October 29, 2007



Hippo on the move

Dangerous moves
Huberta, our visiting hippo, spotted in the Mzingazi Canal at Richards Bay while locals continue fishing nearby, unaware of the great danger*

THE adult hippo that spent some time at Alkantstrand beach earlier this month has slowly made its way past Pelican Island and up the Mzingazi Canal.
On Tuesday it was seen by many excited locals near the weir leading to Lake Mzingazi at the old croc farm.
The public is urged to keep at a safe distance and to be on the lookout at night when it might cross the John Ross Highway to get to the lake.
Leonie Berning, her daughter Felicia and boyfriend Cornel were among those who spotted the visiting hippo frolicking in the canal. She seemed a bit agitated and protested at the folks doing some net-fishing not far from where she was lying in the water.
Berning was a bit surprised as the fishermen did not seem to take heed of the hippo's warnings and continued fishing for a while.
Eventually, and luckily for our visitor, the fishermen moved away.



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