Monday, November 12, 2007

Advantage Cruiser will NOT BE operating

Advantage Cruiser will NOT BE  operating on the 25th of December . ( 1 day off to go to church and eat a lot and spend time resting )

We will however have trips on the 24th and 26th as normal .

Compulsory ( ha ha ) we will answer telephone calls on the 25th if you need to make bookings for the 26th , pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease just don't phone toooooo late in the afternoon , we'll also have some quality time with our family .( and sleep after having toooo big a Christmas lunch )

THEN ….I ( Riëtte Bennett ) don't drink ,so do some of our other skippers also not drink alcohol at all ,  so I will be sober to do trips on the 1st of January , we do however as a family enjoy to go to the main street in St Lucia on the evening of the 31st to see the festivities  , so yes , we do get to bed quite late and won't want to get up at 07h00 on the 1st , and then we do have a problem on the 1st with sooooooooooo many people in front of our offices , so our offices will not be open on the 1st of January . You can however get hold of us via telephone .

I think I'll only do two or three  trips on the 1st of January , so it's absolutely 1st come 1st serve , we won't take any bookings without pre payment .Please make sure if you phone us from a lodge that your clientele HAVE in fact paid  , we don't want to sit on the boat with no-shows ….

Please contact me at any time if you're unsure about anything !


Warm Regards
Riëtte Bennett
St.Lucia Tours & Charters t/a Advantage Cruiser CC
e-mail     :
+27 (0)35 – 5901259 (Tel)
+27 (0)35 – 5901053 (Fax)
Cell: 083 487 2762

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