Saturday, November 17, 2007

Capturing crocs not crooks


November 16, 2007



Capturing crocs not crooks

EKZN Wildlife Officer-in-Charge - Frans Mthembu gets ready to capture the small crocodile with the help of EKZNW officers Mandla Mbonambi and Philele Gcamu and Manager: Bhejane Security - Visvanathan Moodley

Tanya Waterworth

WHILE chasing down the bad guys, officers from Bhejane Security ended up capturing a crocodile.
The drama started on Monday evening when Manager - Visvanathan Moodley was called out when one of his patrol officers spotted four men near large machinery in the Park Rubble Site, deep into Alton.
'The suspects had stolen diesel from one of the graders and we were on our way to the site, when we parked our bakkies and proceeded on foot,' said Moodley.
Suddenly there was a loud rustling on the roadside and a small, injured crocodile appeared.
'We got such a shock as one of my men could easily have been bitten on the leg.
'Fortunately we have strong torches and I think the crocodile may have been injured as he was quite aggressive,' said Moodley.
The officers picked up the reptile and after searching for the fleeing suspects, they returned to their Richards Bay offices.
The following morning, EKZN Wildlife were called and collected the crocodile, which was later released into Mzingazi Lake.



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