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Camping Accommodation fully booked over the Christmas Period. Some Self Catering Accommodation available in St. Lucia Town.

ADVANTAGE CRUISER boat on the Estuary -
We'll be changing departure times slightly to accommodate more people and more ''laatslapers '' - from experience we know that no one wants to be on the boat at 08h00 (( although it's the most beautiful time of the day )) , so I've changed departures as from 20 December till about the 4th of January (( we''ll see how long the demand is there for )) to depart at ::
That gives the people who want to sleep late but still want to have breakfast at guesthouses the time to do so , and then be at the jetty by 09h00 …. Book Here ..

November Fishing Report
Some really nice Kingfish and Garrick where caught.  The weather where miserable most of the time, but this only meant the wetlands and lake system had ample rain.
All things considered we might have a good shad run over the first two weeks of December. Weather are pushing up from the Cape and this weekend will be wet and windy.
Fishing from the Ski Boats where good and are expected to stay an option until well after the December School Holidays.


The hippo's moved back to the Ski boat club after a brief two week absence. Sandy, our orphan, rejoined the heard.

Crocodile Alert!
Please do not feed the Crocodiles. They do loose their natural fear for humans and this could lead to disaster when the unwary tourist wonder's to close to the waters edge.

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