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November 23, 2007




Caravan shocker for Jopie

Jopie de Kock displays the after effects of an encounter with a live caravan

Dave Savides

IN a timely reminder to caravan owners as the holiday season approaches, an Empangeni businessman narrowly escaped death by electrocution last Week.
Jopie de Kock is left with a shattered shoulder and extensive bruising all over his body and will undergo an operation today (Thursday).
'We use a caravan on our construction site but took it into the Empangeni workshop where we connected it via an extension cord,' said de Kock.
'I was trying to pull a tent peg out the ground and rested my left hand against the caravan to balance myself - only to find out with a literal shock that I had completed the circuit by earthing the caravan.'
A violent 220 volts shot through de Kock's body.
The earth leakage failed to trip and his left shoulder bone was torn out of its socket, the ball shattering.
'I remained conscious and on my feet, aware of what was happening.
'Doctors told me I was extremely lucky to survive and I will be having a steel plate and pins put into my shoulder.'
De Kock says that because the rubber wheels of the caravan were always in contact with the ground, it was not known that the caravan was live.
'I suggest all caravan owners have them tested to avoid a nasty experience like mine,' he said.



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