Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Khula Village

Tensions are high in our neighboring outskirts. Counselor Zungu where shot in his home last night at 20h15.

Calls are made for revenge. Grass root feeling is that this murder is politically motivated. The said calls are made for revenge on two from the opposition members should be dead by the time the funeral is held.

People from as far as Durban and Gauteng are sweeping up the normal peace full community of Khula Village. Khula Village leaders are holding meetings to try and stabilize a volatile situation from exploding into a massacre.

As we have seen on T.V, it is almost un believable that responsible adults race to such a tratigy and exploiting the volatile situation.

Counselor Zungu was much loved by his community irrespective of their political standing and believes. He never left a stone unturned to attend to his community’s needs and grievances.

To achieve this he had to work closely with various political figures including the traditional leaders of the area and the various regional municipalities.
Khula, although neighbors to The Isimagaliso Wetlands Park, had a great set back economically te 1999 early 2000 when Minister Vali Moosa closed beach vehicle access to the beaches of St. Lucia and The Wetlands area.
Khula where rapidly growing their home based economy that flourished on the tourist from Gauteng and Mapumalanga that came to visit our beaches and relax in the sun. The Tembe tribe from Sodwana had Sodwana excluded from this ban and today this is a growth point in a normal stagnant and very poor region.

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  1. Anonymous10:35 PM

    They use the excuse of this being a so called "world heritage site" everytime they make new rules in this area, all that their rules are doing, is making locals more poor, and yet they only care about milking that fat cow they call the tourist, everyone else must pay and put up with these huge fees that they set up for us to pay, they offer no rel service for such high fees, they were given a stretch of beach that we could drive on just like in Sodwana, but refuse to let the people use it, they dont care about anything but their own pocket and power. They should leave this place to EKZN to run, they are only an agency but yet people have given them so much power by asking them permition to do things, they have No Authority and thats why they can never give formal permition, they avoid all the questions from locals as if we dont excist, they attend meetings only to walk out on them when they dont like the wuestions that are thrown at them, what gives them the right to take away our basic rights to making a living in OUR OWN country! This is our heritage more so then the worlds! They "the authority" should be kicked out! They should be forced to sit thruogh meetings and get pro-active about solving the problems, give the holiday makers from South Africa a 3km stretch of beach charge them R150 per day to drive on the beach and this money will feed many hungry people in this local area that are in need of work, if only the local South Africans will stand together and let this so called Authority know that they cant steal the food from our families mouths anymore!!!