Thursday, May 01, 2008

Long Weekend Blues

Fishing is good at the moment, but conditions change rapidly because of the weather front moving through Mozambique channel.

Bird watching is excellent, the changing of the season see a lot of migrants leaving and new ones arriving. Bird watching in town is excellent and a walk down Hornbill street is always enjoyable.

iGwala Gwala walking trail has many interesting things to offer early in the morning and late afternoon. Leopard has been quite active in this area and around Honeymoonbend.

Expect some rain over the weekend, but Friday and Saturday should be nice and Sunny.

Night time activity is dominated by hippo presence at the end off McKenzie street.
Come and enjoy an ice cream at Sunny shores and watch the hippo's grazing or have one of our famous curry bunny chows or curry and rice.

Fur A Lize is famous for their scrumptious crocodile steaks. Monkey lounge offer life entertainment.

St. Lucia Estuary, the wetlands in a nutshell...

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