Wednesday, May 14, 2008

St Lucia Estuary and Wetlands


St. Lucia Estuary, the town, is the Southern most entrance the world-renowned Wetlands Park. Since 1822 St. Lucia was world renowned as a wild life and fishing destination. British rule proclaimed it a township and with the increase in hunting, the crown foresaw to proclaim the Water area and Islands as a Game Reserve on 27 April 1895.

The most prominent future of St. Lucia is its laid-back atmosphere and integration with wild life. The town's development is restricted to below the tree canopy. Hippo's, Bush Buck, Red duiker and Monkeys roam the streets freely. Hundreds of bird species can be observed through out the town.

St. Lucia has emerged as a tourist hub with many Restaurants, Curio Shops and various accommodations around town. Thee fairly sized Supermarkets and five bottle stores will feed the shopping needs of many passing through to the more remote areas of the Elephant Coast. A very well equipped Photo Lab futures at the entrance of the town.

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