Monday, May 05, 2008

Two long weekends – Domestic Tourism

These tow long weekends could be better for St. Lucia business than the week surrounding Easter. The main reason leading to this is more than likely the two working days that is an easy trade off and not much over time hours lost by taking leave.

St. Lucia has grown into a Holiday destination of note and is visited by large numbers of foreign tourist, but it is clear that the volume and spending power of the domestic tourist far surpasses that of the over seas visitor.

Clearly the powers to be, have to pay more attention to invoke local tourism and not only concentrate on foreign visitors as a main source of income. Family groups tend to stay longer in one place and the spending pattern for the period of their stay is more favorable for local business big and small.

Since the 4x4 beach ban fishing has become more difficult. Distances to travel between fishing spots does not happen in a couple of minutes. Anglers walking the distance to first rocks are bound fishing there for the travel distance back to the mouth area is vast on foot.

First Rocks produced some nice salmon and stump noise over the weekend. The mouth area where not so active and people walking to the iMfolozi River mouth where also disappointed.

Game Viewing
One can experience excellent game viewing in the main street of St. Lucia and this long weekend was no exception. Hippo was out and about almost every evening. Bush buck, Red Duiker and Warthog walk about town every evening. Leopard has been spotted on the road to the crocodile farm.

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