Thursday, June 19, 2008

Blogs - Freedom of speech?

Around the world Blogs has become a mouth piece for people with very little means. Such a mouth piece are widely read and is often quoted in major news papers. In South Africa, recently, a Sunday news quoted a International blog breaking news to one of the biggest scandals in our recent history.
Who Read Blogs?
Since blogs are well covered in Googles Alerts their reader base is determined by the words used in each entry. So if you should use the words Wetlands, your are bound to get a certain customer base to receive some thing in their inbox. This is very limmited how ever. To increase the exposure on should use something politically, words like Madiba, Nelson Mandela, Xenophobia or ellephant culling has jumped to mind.
By using these words, this entry will be sent out to so many more people, directly to their inboxes.
What can you say
Almost any thing.... The law suite must be carried out at the point of origin. In this case ... where is this blog hosted.
Who will believe your entry, all boils down to what you have to say. If your Blog has credible references such as this link to Carbon Footprint. This also creates a link back that will be followed by many green tree huggers.
The point is that static web pages are now days only read by people surfing the web when they are looking for something on google that is key word related. To broaden your customer base you need to go blogging. People have become lazy in surfiing the web. They love to find everything on a platter. They also love Youtube. Youtube is like having your own TV Station. this small channel that was created by myself, Petrus Viviers, to promote the area, now stands almost on 40 000 views. hey a TV station with more than 3000 viewers per month.
Well I extend my invitation to join in my marketing strategy by visiting and see if this medium will not suite your marketing needs.

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