Sunday, June 29, 2008

Whale Watching 24 June 2008

Great Whale Watching again  - beautiful windstill days and ocean conditions perfect! – Danie got a Minke Whale and 16 Humpbacks on the 07h00 trip, I’m still awaiting the sightings of the 2nd trip.

According to weathersa the sea and wind conditions will remain good for the next couple of days, so please get the message out to your guests – obviously going on the whale watching trip they will have a whole other marine experience whilst out for the 2hours!


“Leviathan …

Upon earth there is not his like,

Who is made without fear.

Will he speak soft word unto thee ?”

From space, the planet is blue.

From space, the planet is the territory

Not of humans, but of the whale…

Above just some words from the book written by Heatcote Williams  - Whale Nation –

Did you know ?? - ??

The oil of the whales were used for and in : - soap, margarine, glycerol for lipstick, detergents, nitro glycerine throughout the time of World War I and World War II, for brushes and brooms, linoleum, medical trusses,  sausage skin, sword-hilts and scabbards, laces, surgical stitches, tennis racket strings, wax crayons, engineering coolant, golf-bags, varnishes, printing ink, insecticide, calcium for fertilizer, cat and dog food, the oil of the Sperm Whale specifically were the major source of lighting up houses, businesses, streets – no wonder whaling was such a huge industry in years gone by! It’s absolutely amazing how much of the whale was used for all kinds of materials….


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