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July 14, 2008





Deon Hunter (centre, holding wreath), supported by fellow members of the Zululand Shore Angling Association, observes a moment of silence before swimming out to sea with the wreath in memory of his brother, Clive

Tanya Waterworth

THE heartbroken family of Zululand angler Clive Hunter paid tribute to his memory in a moving service at Alkantstrand Beach on Sunday.
Family and friends, as well as many of the fishing community, turned out in force to say farewell to the popular fisherman following his tragic murder on Alkant-strand Beach last Tuesday evening.
Hunter was fishing on the main Richards Bay beach with his wife Zelda, when they were approached by four men, who brazenly attempted to rob the couple, despite the fact that many other anglers were also on the beach.
Sensing trouble, Hunter had told his wife to run into the sea and as she was doing so, Hunter was shot by one of the men, who fled with his fishing bag.
He died at the scene as fishermen rushed to assist the couple.

'Be angry and sin not'
And with a sense of anger running high in the community over the senseless killing, minister conducting the memorial service, Dave Savides urged against vigilantism and retribution.
'You have a right to be angry over this attack on a defenceless person, this attack on his family and this attack on our right to safety so we can enjoy life with our loved ones.
'But channel that anger in the right direction and do good among our community in response.
'One lawless act does not nullify another; react in positive, constructive and legitimate ways,' he urged.
'Four men descended on this beach with evil in their hearts, but they will face a justice that is far beyond human justice.'

Another murder
Savides also highlighted anger among the eSikhaleni community over the equally repulsive killing of innocent bus commuter, Bernard Khambule, who was gunned down on the same day as Clive Hunter.
As baby doves were released on the beach following the service, Hunter's brother Deon, along with members of the Zululand Shore Angling Association, took a wreath out into the sea, while Zelda and close family said their final goodbye with pink roses strewn among the waves.



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