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Clive Hunter

Following the Alkantstrand beach tragedy, Clive Hunter's brother Deon with Clinton Woodley, Chairman of the Zululand Shore Angling Association, want more safety for Zululanders on our beaches

Tanya Waterworth

THE brutal and senseless murder of one of Zululand's top anglers, Clive Hunter (35) on Alkantstrand Beach in Richards Bay on Tuesday afternoon has sent shock waves throughout the Zululand community.
It was a perfect winter's afternoon and with the shad running, Clive and his wife Zelda joined a number of fishermen on the main beach and were fishing towards the left bank near the dredger pipe.
According to the victim's brother Deon, four black males approached the couple.
'Zelda said the group asked them what the fishing was like and if they had caught anything.
'The next thing, Clive told her to run into the sea, as we believe he spotted a knife being held by one of the attackers.
'As Zelda escaped into the water, a scuffle ensued between Clive and the four men and he was shot in the side.
'As the killers fled with Clive's fishing bag, one of the children on the beach ran up to him and held Clive's hand as he died,' said Deon.
One of the witnesses said Zelda ran up the beach shouting for help as the gun was fired and horrified fishermen nearby immediately ran to assist.
'It was not even dark and we were all enjoying the evening with our families on the beach. There were children running around.
'This is shocking beyond words that gunmen can just walk onto our main beach and shoot someone dead,' said the witness.
The SAPS Flying Squad immediately responded to the scene and a search was launched for the fleeing killers.

Beach safety
While the Zululand Observer received dozens of calls on Wednesday morning from an outraged public, Deon Hunter told the Zululand Observer that the tragedy on Tuesday evening highlighted the desperate need to get crime under control in Zululand.
'As Zululanders, we should not have to live in fear and let these wanton criminals run around just shooting whoever they please.
'The men who shot my brother are callous killers and I would like to ask our mayor what the city is going to do about this incident.
'Can families no longer go to our city's main beach without being at risk of being murdered?'.
Chairman of the Zululand Shore Angling Association, Clinton Woodley paid tribute to Clive's outstanding reputation, among not only the fishing community, but also the business community.
'Clive was one of the most easy-going and friendly guys I have ever known.
'He was dedicated to his family and his work and his passing is a great loss to this community,' said Woodley, who also backed Deon Hunter's call for more safety measures on the beaches.
'This incident has already gone to the international media and it is time to take back our beaches,' he said.
SAPS Richards Bay confirmed that a murder investigation has been opened, but that no suspects have yet been arrested.
Hunter is survived by his wife Zelda and children, Brandon (12) and Megan (6).
A memorial service will be held on Sunday 13 July at 11.30am at Alkanstrand Beach.


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