Wednesday, September 24, 2008

National Heritage Day - St. Lucia

24 September 2008
A somber windy day in the drought stricken Wetlands. St. Lucia Estuary where buzzing last knight, but this morning everything is grave quite. The streets are empty and the in the shops staff are chittering away about the changes in South African politics. Zuma, the Zulu, will bring much change tot his region once he is President. That is the general feeling of all the people here at grass roots level.
With water restrictions running into dry tap the future of this coastal World Heritage looks bleak. A large water resovoir, pre or post treatment are badly needed. Maybe even a dam in the iMfolozi River or other management schemes are seriously needed attention. If The CEO being demoted KZN Wildlife are facing a batle for funding and this will even increase the burden futher on local comunities and the Wildlife assets of the province.
Mkuze Game Reserve closed:
Water shortage as a severe impact on the tourist destinations of Zululand and serious infra structure development and resource management are needed for this region. Dune mining at Richardsbay could be more detramental to the environment than Global warming, yet the people in charge of infrastracture development and tourist marketing are sitting on their hands.
St. Lucia Mouth:
Water water Every where?
With not enough fresh water flowing into the Lake System, the opening of the mouth is not going to happen during the drought. iMfolozi was rechanelled into the Estuary system, but with the river bying dry bed at the moment, now in flow of fresh water are experienced. Everything is now depended on Mother nature. Good rainfalls in the upper Ulundi area and even as far west as Vryheid will help the system. With Cyclone season aprroaching we can expect a breaching of the Moth again in Early November 2008.
Cape Vidal:
Experiencing Eskom power supply due to stormy winds over the last week. Roads have been upgraded and much of the park have been opened up to the public, even small cars can access all the roads easily and four of the big 5 are to be viewed along these routs.

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