Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fishing from jetty

Anglers soaking up fresh vitamen D.
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St. Lucia Estuary Healthy

After recent rains the water levels of the estuary is much higher and boats can be launched for estuary fishing.
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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Whale Watching for Friday - 28/11/08

 Whale Watching for Friday is almost fully booked for the first trip, we’ve got a 2nd trip departing at 07h15

SATURDAY is also beautiful weather , calm seas and light surf, so conditions ideal to go whale watching- we’re trying to get the 05h30 trip full before we’ll start a next trip as always -

With SUMMER starting we’ve had a large amount of other additional marine mammal sightings – dolphins in large schools, whale sharks, sea turtles, flying fish, and other species of shark –

Keep in touch if you have any interested clientele -


Warm Regards
Riëtte Bennett
St.Lucia Tours & Charters t/a Advantage Cruiser CC

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Cell  : 083 487 2762
Box 151, St Lucia,South

Friday, November 21, 2008

[Fwd: FW: Vacancies at Lai La Log Cabins for December]

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Subject: FW: Vacancies at Lai La Log Cabins for December
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Hallo Everybody


Lai La Log Cabins has still got empty units available for the December season , so if you’re fully booked and you want to refer people her way please phone Rita on 035 – 590 1276

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

St. Lucia Fishing 22 - 24 November 2008

St. Lucia Estuary Water Levels
With all the rain and the iMfolozi River flowing water levels in The Estuary is high. With more rain comming before the weekend and with last quarter of the moon fase over this weekend it just might be a nice fishing weekend.
Fish early in the morning at St. Lucia beaches or miday in front of the ski-boat club. Late Afternoons from the view point or new beach. Markers #4 and #6 will also be good spots.

Sardine - Silver Bullet or Pencil Bait
Mole Crab - Fresh and secure with cotton
Prawn - On small #1 or 1/0 hook light tackle in foamy water (live bait)
Live Bait
Use Live Bait on slider and with grapnel sinker

Sunny Shores
310 McKenzi Street
St. Lucia
For the Hungry Angler we have 1/2 Bunny or Curry and Rice only R25.00
Freshly Baked Pies Daily

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Blogging For Money

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

New Things at For Africa

 Travel Destinations and Holiday Accommodation
Internet Services
The mother ship, For Africa has some adtional functions added. We now host a bigger better Fishing section.
Brag Bag
Anglers, their friends or families can add fishing stories with Photo's to the Site by filling this form. These  submissions are subject to moderation. Keep the submissions to the topic. Anything about Angling, Fishing or Boating and the relevant products or sales regarding these topics are acceptable.
Any one can submit events related to Fishing, Boating or Fishing Retail outlets with this form. 

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Water Levels stabelising

With recent rains the water levels in the iMfolozi River has risen dramatically. This means that water restrictions will be lifted in the near future. Although with more rain falling in the catchments areas of the River, it could mean that the iMfolozi River will break trough into the ocean again. The current hydraulic pressure will be lost in such a scenario and the inflow of water into the Estuary from the River will seize.
All back pressure to keep water in the River upstream will be lost and once again all the potential tap water will run into the sea again. Good or bad this is the natural cycle and humans have to adapt around this conditions. The down side of this is restriction on development and this restric's the flow of five star tourism. With the increase of Five Star tourism more development is needed an a greater pressure is added to the environment and the life span of the planet.
Sometimes mans footprint on earth is just to deep for nature to survive.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Maywood Nursery - Christmas Special 2008

All Specials or news can be send to to be displayed on this Blog...

TOURS over Christmas

Hallo Everybody

 We ARE still doing WHALE WATCHING at the moment, this morning's trip saw between 3 and 5 Humpback Whales per trip  - mother and calf pairs.

 Please keep this e-mail somewhere to refer back to  -

 From the 20th of December till the 3rd of January we will be doing extra trips to accommodate all clientele.

 Hippo / Croc departures for those two weeks will be 09h00, 11h00 , 13h00, 15h00 and 17h00, thereafter in January we'll be back on 10h00, 12h00, 14h00 and 16h00.

 Maybe it's a good idea to advise  some people to do the 09h00-11h00 trip daily, then it gives the first half of sunbathers a chance to burn themselves to smithereens at Vidal, and then by mid-day other clients can take leisurely drive to Vidal and through the Park, and return before the gates close at 19h00. Fortunately we have longer daylight hours.

ON CHRISTMAS DAY WE HAVE NO STAFF so no tours will be going out on the 25th of DECEMBER.

On the 26th of December we're ( all the boats in town ), are waiting for approximately 150pax from the passenger liner in the harbor, they will be taking up all the mid- morning trips, but we will be able to accommodate your clientele on the 09h00, 15h00 and 17h00 trips.

Please ask all clientele to book in advance to avoid disappointment. Please do not make any bookings if you're not 100% sure that your client will pitch at the activity, as again no day goes by without some kind of no show at either one of the activities, I'm pretty sure you won't be happy if we constantly ask to keep rooms and there is constant no shows – I know I'm irritating when it comes to this issue, and I apologize for this in advance, but speaking to other ''activity'' operators in town, they seem to have the same problem. Please accept responsibility of paying for the ticket that you booked the tour for. (( **again 99% of the lodges who deal with us, respect us mutually and don't do ''no-show'' bookings, but one or two of the places we have the same problem with frequently** ))….sorri…..☺…..we will insist that clients come and pay else we can't keep their seats...please from now on when you phone to make a booking give us a ticket number to put next to the booking.

WE WILL BE DOING HIPPO / CROC TOURS on the 1st of JANUARY, BUT NO OCEAN trips, as we're not prepared to put our lives at risk like last year on the beach on New Year's Day, no rescues will also be done by us on the 1st of January, last year WE were almost killed by the intoxicated bathing public after trying to save people out of the ocean.

 From about the 1st week in December  - the whales migrate back to their feeding grounds, they are drained, hungry, starved, anorexic after an entire season in the warm waters of the Indian Ocean with no krill to feed on, their calf's have sucked them dry ( he he ) – then we'll be starting the 2 hour MARINE MAMMAL OCEAN ADVENTURE as with the flying fish, turtles, whale sharks, sharks, and dolphins there's still lots to see and people enjoy the 2hours on the ocean. ADVANTAGE will also start DEEP SEA FISHING again from the 1st week in December, so if you have keen fisherman you can give us a call, BERNO the BUSHMEN, our eager fisher-whale-guide will be steering the fishing boat out daily. Our Deep Sea Fishing rate for December will be R660-00p.p and the Ocean Marine Mammal Tour staying on R350-00p.p

Please keep in touch and let me know if there is any concerns or questions –


********Sandy just popped into the office to bring a carrot cake, she's the lady from Monzi who always bake those nice chocolate and carrot cakes – for a long while she hasn't been baking anymore , but she's back into baking, and if you'd like to order cakes please phone her directly on 082 899 1009 ******* ( she asked me to pass this message on, she delivers in St Lucia on a Friday )




HIPPO  / CROC rates increase on the 1st of January annually with R10-00p.p in ticket price, so please don't forget about this and write the incorrect amount on the tickets.


Have a Stunning Day...!

Warm Regards
Riëtte Bennett
St.Lucia Tours & Charters t/a Advantage Cruiser CC

web :

Tel   :  035 5901259

Fax  : 035 5901053

Cell  : 083 487 2762
Box 151, St Lucia,South Africa 3936
1 McKenzie Street,  St Lucia 3936, ** corner of Dolphin Supermarket  , the very first information office as you enter the town of St Lucia after crossing the bridge , at the traffic circle find parking immediately on the right (next to PEP stores) **

our GPS co-ordinates are :: S28 22. 335 E32 24. 773   ....St Lucia Village South Africa

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Updated News - 02 November 2008

PRETTY much WHALES this last couple of weeks, again like I said 2/3 weeks ago hardly a day goes by that we don't see at least one mother-and-calf pair.


Bonuses lately is lost of dolphins, and even the odd pair of male-female loggerhead turtles ''making babies'' in the ocean before coming ashore shortly to come lay eggs. Weather conditions have been awesome , we either have full day winds and then cannot operate at all, or otherwise we're blessed with long wind still days.

 Please again understand that we won't be taking any bookings if people don't come and pay, there is just too many people that book seats and don't pay and don't pitch – and our policy remains first come first serve, if any agent/guesthouse expects us to keep a seat, that agent/guesthouse will be held responsible for the payment if their client booked don't pitch.

 ( Annemarie, remind me to tell the staff to bring you the beautiful swimming turtle photo we have )

 Hippo and Croc Tours are very busy this time of the year with tour groups – so please make sure to book individuals early to avoid disappointment – we do apologise for certain days that we're fully booked and can't accommodate your pax, specially when we're waiting for those passenger liners in the harbor to bring 200pax that fills all the boats – but remember you're support is precious and appreciated and it's fortunately only a couple of days that we have these huge groups.

Riëtte Bennett
St.Lucia Tours & Charters t/a Advantage Cruiser CC

web :

Tel   :  035 5901259

Fax  : 035 5901053

Cell  : 083 487 2762
Box 151, St Lucia,South Africa 3936
1 McKenzie Street,  St Lucia 3936, ** corner of Dolphin Supermarket  , the very first information office as you enter the town of St Lucia after crossing the bridge , at the traffic circle find parking immediately on the right (next to PEP stores) **

our GPS co-ordinates are :: S28 22. 335 E32 24. 773   ....St Lucia Village South Africa

Water Crisis

Umkhanyakude District Municipality wishes to inform and alert the residents of the following areas that the Umfolozi River has dried up which resulted in the shortage of water to: 

  • St Lucia
  • Kwamsane
  • Dukuduku
  • Mtubatuba
  • Undlovu
  • Khula Village
  • Monzi
  • Nordale
  • Riverview


Communities in the above mentions areas are advised that water tankers and ''Jojo'' tanks will be supplied by the District Municipality at key areas with immediate effect.

 The Municipality appeals to the public to be patient and be co-operative during these truing times.

 Emergency number – 035 573 1100

 The Hon. Mayor Cllr. LM Mtombeni



A guesthouse what is totally different regarding architecture and exclusivity. Minimalistic with a warm athmosphere. Big luxuroury rooms (50m2 each), a fantastic view into the garden and Park with all the birds and animals, silence, a beautiful large swimmingpool and warm Dutch hospitality.
Read More
Accommodation Type Guest House
Room Pricing
  • Per Person Sharing from R420 to R550
  • Special Deal: Up to15% Discount 
    Terms:We have just opened our newly built unique and very exclusive guesthouse That's why we offer you a room (incl. breakfast) for R 420.00 p.p.p.n. sharing . A single room supplement R 100.00 Offer Valid from 01 August 08 until 01 December 08. Terms and Conditions apply.
    Location: St Lucia, Zululand, Elephant Coast, KwaZulu-Natal, Greater St Lucia Wetland Park, South Africa, Africa

    Discovering Adam and Eve’s Playground

    Sodwana beach
    Sodwana beach

    Samango monkeys clamber in the treetops
    Samango monkeys clamber in the treetops

    Location Greater St Lucia Wetland Park  
    Author Samantha Black
      View more articles by Samantha
    Submitted 23 Jun 2008

    Discovering Adam and Eve's Playground

    St Lucia – top eco destination in South Africa

    The Elephant Coast in KwaZulu Natal, embraced by the warm Indian Ocean, the Umfolozi River and Mozambique is one of South Africa's most beautiful and unspoiled travel destinations. It is a perfect destination for everyone - be it for the sensitive ecologist, the great outdoors fan or the happy camper sitting on the boulders at Mission Rock sporting his hook, line and sinker. At the heart of this heaven-on-earth is a popular holiday village with a saint-like name - St. Lucia, the only private village surrounded by a Natural World Heritage Site (iSimangaliso / Greater St Lucia Wetlands Park). 

    Adam and Eve and their pet hippos

    St. Lucia is an eco-tourism Mecca, and centre point to an incredible 21 different eco-systems. Adam and Eve's playground lures with dense evergreen forests of towering fig trees, a lush undergrowth of ferns and wild orchids hanging from the trees. Palm savannahs with thousands of wild date and Lala palms dot the white sand, and swamp forests are home to myriads of exotic birds. A paradise in which you would expect our biblical ancestors to have had their own pet hippos! But beware, the hippos' laid back yawn hides a force not to be messed with!

    A safe way of getting up close and personal and tickle their incisors is a trip down the estuary on one of the river touring boats such as the Advantage. This luxurious passenger ferry was custom built to venture into shallow waters – you might even be able to inspect a croc's 66 pointy teeth!

    We boarded the ferry for the sundowner tour on a beautiful late summer's evening, arguably the best time to visit the Greater Wetlands, when mosquitoes are few, but Gin and Tonics still flow. The first 12 km upstream passed with great anticipation, alas with not much else to do than getting the camera lenses ready and the glasses full. Soon enough though our captain spotted the first herd of river horses and the crowd on board shifted dangerously to the very lee of the boat! The imbalance was easily taken care of by the captain's next heart-beating announcement: crocodiles on the shores under the mangrove trees, at three o'clock! And a few meters away from the ancient reptile, there was a Kudu busy eyeing us out, while a Giant Kingfisher was perched watchfully in the tree above - picture perfect.

    Crocodile smile
    Crocodile smile