Monday, December 15, 2008

RSG en SATSA vs Beach Driving

It is sad that people hide behind conservation when it comes to Beach Driving. This is the most profitable source of tourism in South Africa. It is more productive and has a higher hield than Sugar Cane farming. It distributes funds more evenly than any BEE enterprise  yet to be set up.

The beach area at St. Lucia is void of sea live due to Sugar Cane Farming in and around iMfolozi flood area. To say that Sea Turtles are effected by Beach Driving is a lie. During the hight of beach driving north of Cape Vidal, this area was the only place in the world with an increase in turtle nesting sites. Sea Turtles nest are above the high water mark and 4x4 vehicles drive in the inter tidal zone.

The only life in this zone is bulia  snails and they survive in the glassy zone. This has no relevance to beach driving.  The inter-tidal zone is the area above the low water mark and below the high water mark. The sand displacement in this area is beyond comprehension.

Any body claiming that the 3000 km coast line of South Africa can not be utilized in some places for beach driving is blatant ignorant or promoting their own agenda like mining or coastal developments. This is not constitutional and a misuse, no an abuse of power and knowledge.

by Petrus Viviers

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