Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Value of Customer

Customers are very valuable in any business setup. So is information. Since 1993 For Africa has supplied people with relevant information on the St. Lucia and surrounding area. The most frustrating question is the one with no relevance. 
Operator: " Petrus goeie more good morning" 
Caller: "Is this the Wetlands?"
Opperator: "Can I help you sir.?"
Caller: "First awnser me yes or no... is this the Wetlands?"
Operator: "Sir I do not understand your question?"
Caller: "Just answer me yes or no... is this the Wetlands?"

Well the fact that I did Identified myself at the beginning of the call I do not understand how can I admit to being the Wetlands...

Since all information that I have supplied since 1993 was non racial and non political and free of charge I would like to understand to what I am admitting to.

So I answered "no". I might be rude not admitting to being the Wetlands but I am no Cow. So do not call me names or class me into your racism delusions. You do not know me and you can not judge me in one question...

Every body else needing information on who to contact, how to book or any other relevant questions, you are welcome to call me, Petrus Viviers, 083 584 7473.

My spelling is shitty but the information I supply is relevant to the questions and it is for FREEE....

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