Monday, March 30, 2009

St Lucia Estuary Honeymoon Bend

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mobile Tide Table - sms"Zamma tides" to 36010

Ever been with out a tide table. Get the next couple of day's tide
tables on your mobile...

No monthly subscription ... every request charged at R5.00 each...

St Lucia Estuary Early Morning

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St Lucia Estuary Night Live

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Tropical Cyclone iZilda moving into Mozambique channel - WARNING

Maputo - Tropical storm Izilda had been upgraded to category two after its wind speed increased from 74 to 130km/h, Mozambican national weather services said on Thursday.

The tropical storm was currently in the Mozambican channel, between Madagascar and Mozambique.

The weather services said it had placed areas on the Mozambican coast on alert.

"We appeal to all maritime authorities to undertake their activities with caution."

According to US space agency Nasa's website, Izilda could move westward to mainland Africa or south into the open waters of the Indian Ocean. - Sapa

Dear All – we will definitely also have rough seas in a couple of days due to the after effects of tropical cyclone iZilda, PLEASE warn your customers to take  extreme care when going to the beach  - especially with the holiday season ahead - by Advantage Charters

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Accommodation for Easter Holidays

Accommodation Available for Easter Holidays
10 Sleeper Holiday House in St. Lucia
sms “Zamma easter” to 36010
Self Catering Units
sms “Zamma stlusc” to 36010

To Add Accommodation
sms “Zamma stlu (type - dates)” to 36010

Come Blog with us ... your views and comments

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Daily Bread - Bible verse "ZAMMA bread" to 36010

In need for some motivation? sms "Zamma bread" to 36010. You will
receive a randomly selected verse from the bible.

If you have a verse to share with other. sms "Zamma bread (your name -
verse)" to 36010

Zamma services are charged once off at R5.00 per sms

Friday, March 13, 2009

iSimangaliso Wetlands Park Information

Zamma will handle all sms information inquiries about information relating to the Wetlands Park.

Wetlands Park Authority
sms "ZAMMA stlu ceo" to 36010

Self Catering Accommodation
sms "ZAMMA stlu sc" to 36010

Bed & Breakfast Accommodation
sms "ZAMMA stlu bb" to 36010

Sugar Loaf Camp Sites
sms "ZAMMA stlu camp" to 36010

BiBs International Backpackers
sms "ZAMMA stlu back" to 36010

Estuary Hippo Cruises
sms "ZAMMA stlu hippo" to 36010

This service only works from South Africa Cell Phone Networks and charges are R5.00 per sms

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Power outage St Lucia Estuary

Due to a upgrade the power in St Lucia will be out today.
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Sunday, March 08, 2009

St Lucia Mouth still closed, but high tide washed some sea water into the lake.

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Water levels high

With all the rain the water levels are healthy.
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Current Conditions - St. Lucia Estuary

With the Cyclone due east off the coast of the iSimangaliso Wetlands Park the weather changes rapidly from sunny to rainy to windy.
Good or Bad, The Wetlands is in need of water. Recent decision to divert the iMfolozi River through a wetlands due South of the St. Lucia Estuary filtering the water into the estuary system resulted in the water levels raising dramatically.
This water unfortunately carry a lot of sediment due to uncontrolled soil erosion up stream. It is sad to see a system desecrating and a Government with its hands full with crisis management.
Many drastic decisions are made to manage the environment, but the long-term problems are neglected, resulting in problems spinning out of control, for ever changing the environment pushing subsistence farmers further into poverty and loosing valuable top soil to the ocean forever.
This sediment built up in the Estuary can be cleared mechanically or naturally by flush floods.Since a minimum human interference policy has been adopted the latter is the choice for management method, leaving nature to fend for her self under the constant pressure of urban development encroaching the untamed wilderness of The Wetlands Park.


Saturday, March 07, 2009

Winter - Specials For Accommodation -

St. Lucia Wilds

Specials: less 10 % offered
3 May to 26 June and 5 October to 30 November
Terms: minimum 2 persons sharing, minimum stay 3 nights, no groups, usual conditions of stay and cancellation policies apply.
The climate is during May and June is perfect with warm sunny days, cool nights and no uncomfortable humidity, it is
the most windless months. October and November just burst with new life, with hot humid days and warm nights, can be
windy and raining. Birding is at a peak with sound and sight.


Imelda Du Plessis
Manager - St Lucia Wilds
Self-Catering Holiday Accommodation
Tel/Fax: 035 590 1033

Friday, March 06, 2009

Zamma Airtime - Comming Soon

For Africa is an Internet Based Company whom are curious on the potential customer base with people who can access our web site from their cell phones. We are looking to do a survey in the form of a competition.

Details of the Competition will be available soon on this web site and we will be working from town to town handing out informational flyers with more details and the rules of this competition.

We are looking for partime orginisers that will launch the competition for us in their area. This will be a basic plus commission bassis based on the results of each competition.

Interested Parties can contact

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Get Listed on For Africa Fishing

For Africa offers many facets of advertising. With  a reader  base  on 300 000 per month you can reach a wide audience normally not accessible. For Africa Fishing is one of these mediums that we offer.

Wave Dancer charters is one of our lattes additions. To have a wright up like this we only need 9 good quality photo's and a description of you charter services on offer.


Special Offer:

A listing like this will normally cost R250.00 per annum.

For Africa Fishing offer this service for all Deep Sea Charters in South Africa for free during the month of March 2009. Any subscriber during this month will get 12 months free exposure and  March 2010 we will sent you a renewal application to this service and the opportunity to update the listing.

Other Services

We offer a service where you can update the site via pop3 email account at your own pace. Maverick Fishing Charters is an example of such a service.


Setup Fee: R350.00
Annual:    R350.00


Includes email updates from you to your site. email Support from For Africa. RSS Read into For Africa Fishing pages and other For Africa Reports publish on the main site.


For Africa
|   Fishing  |  Cars  |  Property  |

Sunday, March 01, 2009

St Lucia Estuary Current condition.

With the water flowing into the ocean via the iMfolozi River the ocean will be muddy for a couple of days.

Some of this water does flow into the estuary, but this is not enough to breach.

How ever the pending High tide at the end of March could change the status quo.
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Fish Zone Drop shot Fishing Competition

Yesterday, 28 February 2009, Fish Zone Richardsbay had a drop shot fishing competition. Various species of fish was caught and released.

The photo's for these entries was published as it happened. Any club that needs this type of exposure can contact Petrus on 083 584 7473, We will gladly setup this type of service for you.

All you need is one or more persons with a cell phone that can send pop3 type emails and with built in camera.