Sunday, March 08, 2009

Current Conditions - St. Lucia Estuary

With the Cyclone due east off the coast of the iSimangaliso Wetlands Park the weather changes rapidly from sunny to rainy to windy.
Good or Bad, The Wetlands is in need of water. Recent decision to divert the iMfolozi River through a wetlands due South of the St. Lucia Estuary filtering the water into the estuary system resulted in the water levels raising dramatically.
This water unfortunately carry a lot of sediment due to uncontrolled soil erosion up stream. It is sad to see a system desecrating and a Government with its hands full with crisis management.
Many drastic decisions are made to manage the environment, but the long-term problems are neglected, resulting in problems spinning out of control, for ever changing the environment pushing subsistence farmers further into poverty and loosing valuable top soil to the ocean forever.
This sediment built up in the Estuary can be cleared mechanically or naturally by flush floods.Since a minimum human interference policy has been adopted the latter is the choice for management method, leaving nature to fend for her self under the constant pressure of urban development encroaching the untamed wilderness of The Wetlands Park.


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