Sunday, March 08, 2009

St Lucia Mouth still closed, but high tide washed some sea water into the lake.

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  1. During March 2008 the same thing happened but the mouth was opened by the exceptionally high waters associated with the Cyclone Gamede that was far out to sea.

    This year the cyclone / storm was considerably smaller and a bit further out to sea, so the effects were a bit less damaging.

    St. Lucia lake is still a little dry, but we have had some reasonably good rains and the lake is fulling up slowly.

    The fishing has also improved, and some springers have been caught in front of the Ski boat club in St. Lucia.

    When fishing in the estuary remember there are hungry crocodiles in the water that will attack you if you make mistakes and get tooooo close to the edge with out making sure there are no crocks in the area. So be carefull...