Monday, April 06, 2009

Weather and Fishing For Week to Easter

06 April 2009 07:43 AM
Zululand up to Cape Vidal
Good surf conditions for Monday. Rainy on Tuesday afternoon and evening.

Week leading to weekend will be best spend on the beach. The surf wash
will be mild from South to North. Mid day fishing will be over low tide.
Best baits prawn, mole crabs and squid. Light tackle for bait fish and
sliding swivel for late afternoon fishing. Fishing is not expected to be
great until the weekend. Sunday and Monday will be best Fishing days.

Friday 10/04/2009
Expect rain and on Friday. Wind light South Easterly. Swell will be
onshore with slight currents from South to North on the beach. Moderate
South Easterly wind. Day best spend on Cape Vidal or Mission Rocks. Late
afternoon will produce a south to north wash along the St. Lucia
beaches. This could be as far down as Richards Bay.

Saturday 11/04/2009
Strong winds early morning, but it will die down in the mid morning.
Expect Rain and swells close to shore between 1.5 and 2.0m Deep Sea will
have a bit more swell of up to 73m.
St. Lucia Estuary Fishing Spots - Mid morning and afternoon. North of
New Beach, Mission Rocks and Cape Vidal. Late After Noon wind will
settle and clouds will clear. Best fishing at the St. Lucia View point
South to iMfolozi Mouth. Best Fishing before and around sunset. Best
Bait early morning Sardine and Soft baits as well as lures. Midday Mole
Crabs, Prawns and Squid. Late Afternoon use large baits with slider.
Live or dead baits. Very Little Side wash.

Sunday 12/04/2009
Best Fishing day. Early morning for Shad. For St. Lucia Estuary this
will be at Jabula Beach. Mid Morning north of Main Beach, Mission Rocks
and Cape Vidal. Late Afternoon is a must for fishing. All along the
beach area from Jabula beach South and North. On Shore Wind with swells
of up to 2m. This could bring in some seaweed and blue bottles on the
afternoon high tide.

Monday 13/04/2009
The Conditions for Sunday will carry through to Monday ass well the
Fishing conditions. Fishing Could be spoiled by seaweed. Swimmers at
Cape Vidal should take care of blue bottles. Wind will turn South East
late on Monday afternoon.

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