Monday, July 27, 2009

Bikers are welcome

The Bikers are back. In the current economic client any form of income should be welcome, yet there are many residents in St. Lucia object to this type of tourism.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Richards Bay - Tourism Growing

It is clear that positive attitudes attract positive things. This weekend there is a walk/run in St. Lucia ... The area around Pelican Island is cordoned of and the public is anxious to join in the fun. Next Weekend is the Dollos Fees, starting on Wednesday, and the first two events is sold out ...
With such positive attitude it is clear that any endeavour has a prosperous future ending in a fun filled victory. Richards Bay is a vibrant hub and Tourist Destination in Zululand.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The power of Marketing

When looking at the effort and return on marketing under current economic trends one can not think that marketing paying for it self is a great idea.... when direct marketing is profitable and has a high return on investment even better.

What better than to organize clubs and companies to have their annual functions in our  struggling little town. When people come into St. Lucia on such functions it is marketing extravaganza.

The service providers get to show case their products to a participating audience with out occurring cost. When service providers run up marketing bills and burning the ozone running across the world to participate in flea markets, trade shows and annual meetings they seem to be blinded at the enormous income potential of having these types of exposures on home ground.

One will think that a owner of a multi million Rand establishment will realize the potential when St. Lucia Estuary is host to such functions. When such owner/managers start shouting pollution and alcohol abuse, I say ditto to your trade shows and breakfast meetings....

More will follow....

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

iSimangaliso Wetlands Park - under lying threats

St. Lucia Estuary is facing a economical disaster with the new SAMSA
Marine Act as published in 2007. This will leave most of the Lake
Cruises stranded. Although this is just a reinforcement of an 1954 act
many operating vessels does not comply with the bouncy regulations.

Contributing to this, the conversion of normal residential properties
into Guest Houses or B&B's as left the small towns services under great
pressure. The main concern here is the fact that these properties where
taxed at residential when the service infra structure where developed.
This user group has also supported the National ban on RUV's on the

Now at the front of the fight against "noise pollution" is the same user
group. ....

Will the city fathers, in their great wisdom, find a way to raise taxes
in a fair manner that will include this user group into a tax base to
help fund the rebuilt/upgrade the sewerage works and other services. The
majority of the establishments in St. Lucia Estuary are already faced
with a reduced occupation rate since 2001, increased Eskom rates, water
supply problems and now the World Economical melt down.

Yet these "other" establishments has not filed any complaints against
the foreign user group. They seeked refuge in local tourist markets like
the Drag Races once a month at 121 Battalion. The annual Harley run was
and is a great contribution to the economy. A very strong Green Eco
Tourist lobby group are now emerging from the B&B user Group to curb the
fun in the sun Holiday atmosphere into a Board and Lodging for the old
and retired .... Who will pay for everything if we do not expand ad
utilize the domestic tourist market.


Petrus Viviers
083 584 7473

Seeking other user Groups

Since the World Economic melt down in 2008 it has become necessary to
look other user groups to draw more money to St. Lucia. Since Eden Park
is so under utilized people should think of this as a venue to host The
Ncema Festival. This location would be great because it will draw the
crowds to the town and all along the main road and every body will share
equal and fair in this distribution of trade.

The iSimangaliso Wetland Park Authority should be approachable to host
such a cultural integration since cross pollination between Khula
Village and St. Lucia town will bring working relations closer together
and a sufficient job creation will lead to less crime and more
sustainable job opportunities. Employing the masses will lead to less
poverty and better education.

Always seeking a broader base user group to employ more people and built
a broader customer base....

Monday, July 13, 2009

Drugs - Dagga and Drag Races

Today at 11h00 a meeting was held in St. Lucia town hall. Some of the concerns is the noise levels that is created in town. I have a very skew view of this meeting since I had to rush to Mtubutuba for Medical Emergency.

The main concern seems to be the fun places along the main street, apparently these places are over crowded by un wanted elements from out of town...

My observation as a middle age-man living for 37 years in St. Lucia is as follows.

The Foreign  Tourist influx has led to the increase in Drug sales, prostitution and the over consumption of liquor after hours. It seems that some residents want to  bake a cake according to their recipes, but every body has to pay for the ingredients.

For the Sewerage works and Refuse disposal where develop in the years when St. Lucia was flooded during 100 school holidays and a clean up system was in place to revamp the place in 265 days remaining the year.

Then came Guest Houses ... flooding the residential area. Increasing demands on reticulating systems, power grids and refuse disposal developed to suit residential needs. Air conditioning, more staff influx, road traffic and more pressure on the residential areas where taxes are lower have now lob sided the micro and macro economics of this fragile environment.

Burning of the rubbish dump is now a constant daily practice leaving a stench of burning rubber hanging over the town every evening. The smell off wood burning fires and BBQ's with laughing playing kids in the street replaced with roaring Game Drive vehicles, tractors with boats and speeding tour guides. Once a parent could let his children out on the streets in the evening but with the increase in child pornography scares that the influx that short term visitors bring to the area keeps the children off the street and hopefully not in the pubs that sprung up like mushrooms in the wake of strong foreign currencies ...

Where has the days gone that you know the winter Holiday has arrive by the familiar face that greets you in the street. People catching up with local fishing news and more....

My Question is ... Who is going to pay for this very expensive Eco Tourist .... St. Lucia Estuary residents are gullible to be lead by a few Guest House owners and Tour operators ...  St. Lucia has out priced itself from domestic tourism markets with lake cruises running into R150.00 per ticket per adult ... Game Drives of over R450.00 per person per day....