Tuesday, July 14, 2009

iSimangaliso Wetlands Park - under lying threats

St. Lucia Estuary is facing a economical disaster with the new SAMSA
Marine Act as published in 2007. This will leave most of the Lake
Cruises stranded. Although this is just a reinforcement of an 1954 act
many operating vessels does not comply with the bouncy regulations.

Contributing to this, the conversion of normal residential properties
into Guest Houses or B&B's as left the small towns services under great
pressure. The main concern here is the fact that these properties where
taxed at residential when the service infra structure where developed.
This user group has also supported the National ban on RUV's on the

Now at the front of the fight against "noise pollution" is the same user
group. ....

Will the city fathers, in their great wisdom, find a way to raise taxes
in a fair manner that will include this user group into a tax base to
help fund the rebuilt/upgrade the sewerage works and other services. The
majority of the establishments in St. Lucia Estuary are already faced
with a reduced occupation rate since 2001, increased Eskom rates, water
supply problems and now the World Economical melt down.

Yet these "other" establishments has not filed any complaints against
the foreign user group. They seeked refuge in local tourist markets like
the Drag Races once a month at 121 Battalion. The annual Harley run was
and is a great contribution to the economy. A very strong Green Eco
Tourist lobby group are now emerging from the B&B user Group to curb the
fun in the sun Holiday atmosphere into a Board and Lodging for the old
and retired .... Who will pay for everything if we do not expand ad
utilize the domestic tourist market.


Petrus Viviers
083 584 7473

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