Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The power of Marketing

When looking at the effort and return on marketing under current economic trends one can not think that marketing paying for it self is a great idea.... when direct marketing is profitable and has a high return on investment even better.

What better than to organize clubs and companies to have their annual functions in our  struggling little town. When people come into St. Lucia on such functions it is marketing extravaganza.

The service providers get to show case their products to a participating audience with out occurring cost. When service providers run up marketing bills and burning the ozone running across the world to participate in flea markets, trade shows and annual meetings they seem to be blinded at the enormous income potential of having these types of exposures on home ground.

One will think that a owner of a multi million Rand establishment will realize the potential when St. Lucia Estuary is host to such functions. When such owner/managers start shouting pollution and alcohol abuse, I say ditto to your trade shows and breakfast meetings....

More will follow....

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