Monday, August 10, 2009

What People write about St. Lucia

This is an area rich in wildlife, due to the close proximity of the lakes, swamps, rivers and coast which is home for birds, hippos, crocodiles, turtles, dolphins and whales to name but a few.
On arriving in St Lucia we took a short, narrated, riverboat trip and spotted fish eagles, herons, pods/herds of hippo, and crocodiles basking in the sun.
We later took a drive through the park and viewed white rhino, red duiker, steenbok, monkeys and a distant view of a colony/stand of flamingos on the lake. The area is also known for leopards, but we were not fortunate in spotting any on our trip.
From inside the park we accessed the coastal reserve area, in the hope of spotting turtles, (this area was quite rocky, so sensible footwear and a good sense of balance is required), some people in our party were lucky enough to spot a turtle, but I must have been looking in the wrong direction at the time. However, I did spot a school/pod of dolphins swimming quite close to the beach.
We also accessed a second beach from the park. This was a vast area of beautiful soft sand, with some huge sand dunes. It was "playtime" for the younger/fitter members of our group, who had challenges of "who can leap the furthest" and races to the bottom of the biggest dunes.
Other tours available from St Lucia are Whale Watching and a Night Drive through the park. We had hoped to do the Whale Watch, but the sea was too rough so our trip was cancelled (full refund given), however, we did go on the Night Drive. The vehicle has a huge spotlight, which is focused on anything of interest. It is open to the elements and, at the time of year we visited, keeping warm was our biggest concern. We did not not see the elusive leopard, and the wildlife that we did see was not really any different from any already seen in daylight. It was also more difficult to take any clear photos (possibly due to the spotlight, or maybe my camera skills).
I would definitely recommend a visit to the Greater St Lucia area, the town of St Lucia has several good restaurants and lots of accommodation available. Also a good supply of local craft shops for the all important souveniers.

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