Saturday, November 28, 2009

Trademarking a Tourism region

How does the trademarking of a Tourism Region affect you?

Have you expensive printed marketing material that cost you a fortune
for design and printing. Do you run a Tourism Business with in the
region. Do you run a marketing campaign with in the tourism region. What
services do you supply relating to Tourism. As a supplier of Tourism
products you need to be affiliated to an association that represent such
a region. But if your product is of service to general public and does
not constitute to a tourism product what is the implications to you in
such a case.

It will be advisable to see what your local tourism office has to say
before you land into legal hot water for merely trading as you have for
more than six years.

THIS IS AN IMPORTANT Notice!! your tourism region might have been trade
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Friday, November 27, 2009

Elephant Coast has been trademarked

This came as a shock to me because it use to be a tourism region that combined the some splintering associations  with in and around the previously known Greater  St. Lucia Wetlands Park. It is also now the sole right of The Elephant Coast Tourism Association to advertise products "Advertising, business management, office function, tourism region." in this region. Since the region was named through many public meetings of which many was postponed.

At the end of the meetings the name was put forward for the region to be The Elephant Coast. As such a new tourism region was declared by  the Authorities and people have since been trading with reference to this tourism region. It now dawn on some web site owners that by way of trade mark proclamation it is no longer their to use the phrase Elephant Coast in your marketing material. It is not clear how one that trade in this region will refer to the region and how will you be able to market your self with in this confines.

We are living in a very Interesting Democratic South Africa.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

St Lucia dogs are being killed

Crime is rive

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Guilty plea in fisheries case

November 4, 2009;

MEDIA RELEASE No: 2009 - 16  

For Immediate release:
Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife (EKZNW) coastal staff report that David “Clive” Kenton (63)  of 1122 Bluff Road, Durban, has again been sentenced in court on charges relating to a contravention of the Marine Living Resources Act.
The case arose when EKZNW Fishery Control Officers approached Kenton and two companions on 01 September 2009 at Banana Beach.
Kenton made a dash for the sea while the EKZNW officers were inspecting the bags of his two diving companions, and was seen to empty the contents of his bag into the water.
He was subsequently charged with obstructing a Fishery Control Officer in the course of his duties.
His two companions each paid fines for being over the bag limit of East Coast Rock Lobster.
A plea of guilty was tendered by Kenton on the 02 November 2009 in Port Shepstone B Court in front of Magistrate Karen Scheepers and he was sentenced to R10 000 or 10 months imprisonment, half of which was suspended for 5 years.
Kenton made front page headlines in 2003 when he was arrested in Pretoria with nearly 250 kg of illegal crayfish and was sentenced to R60 000 or 2 years imprisonment.
Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife reminds the public that the closed season for East Coast Rock Lobster began on 01 November, during which time it is illegal to catch and keep or to possess them.
The Admission of Guilt fines for marine offences have been increased in most courts in KZN, with the fines in respect of East Coast Rock Lobsters being increased to R500 per offence.

 AJG/ Media Release No: 2009 - 16 
For further information contact the Media Manager on 033 845 1235; email or fax 033 845 1299.

Sentence in iMfolozi firearm case

November 4, 2009;

MEDIA RELEASE No: 2009 - 15  

For Immediate release:
Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife staff report that Mr Mandla Peter Manqele (34) of Sangoyane village, was found guilty of possessing an unlicenced fire-arm in the Ntambanana magistrates court recently and sentenced to 15 years in prison with five years suspended, as well as a fine of R60 000 of which R20 000 was suspended.
The case arose from an incident on 14 February 2009 when a field ranger contacted his senior ranger at about 19.15 one evening to report hearing a shot in the Skwebezana area of the Imfolozi section of the Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Park.
The senior ranger immediately mobilised more field rangers and moved into the area where three men, two of whom were armed, had earlier been seen moving near the fence of the Park.
The EKZNW team set up an ambush on a well known path just outside the game reserve.
About ten minutes after taking up their positions the team heard voices speaking in isiZulu as a group of men approached them.
The EKZNW team identified themselves verbally as conservation officers and instructed the men to stand still, but as the EZKNW team approached the men ran away.
As it was now fully dark and the men were known to be armed, the senior ranger used an illumination flare to light the area.
One suspect was seen to be carrying a rifle on a sling over his shoulder and was arrested.
The other two men managed to evade the field rangers and escaped into the dark.
The EKZNW team recovered various items that had been abandoned by the suspects during the chase - these included another R1 rifle, a rifle bag and 7.62mm ammunition as well as items of clothing.
The suspect was taken to the Ntambanana police station and charged with the illegal possession of a fire-arm.
A later, daylight examination of the area and the routes the suspects had taken both inside and outside the Park revealed further items belonging to them.
“We are very pleased with the outcome of this case,” said Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife CEO Dr Bandile Mkhize.
“The heavy sentence sends a very clear message to those who would plunder our wildlife resources that we will not tolerate poaching under any circumstances and that our staff are prepared to take swift and effective action,” he said.
“Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife has a mandate to protect the wildlife assets of this province and my staff - particularly the Imfolozi field rangers and senior ranger in this case - are to be commended for the dedicated manner in which they perform this often dangerous task,” he added.
AJG/ Media Release No: 2009 - 15 
For further information contact the Media Manager on 033 845 1235; email or fax 033 845 1299.