Sunday, November 08, 2009

Guilty plea in fisheries case

November 4, 2009;

MEDIA RELEASE No: 2009 - 16  

For Immediate release:
Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife (EKZNW) coastal staff report that David “Clive” Kenton (63)  of 1122 Bluff Road, Durban, has again been sentenced in court on charges relating to a contravention of the Marine Living Resources Act.
The case arose when EKZNW Fishery Control Officers approached Kenton and two companions on 01 September 2009 at Banana Beach.
Kenton made a dash for the sea while the EKZNW officers were inspecting the bags of his two diving companions, and was seen to empty the contents of his bag into the water.
He was subsequently charged with obstructing a Fishery Control Officer in the course of his duties.
His two companions each paid fines for being over the bag limit of East Coast Rock Lobster.
A plea of guilty was tendered by Kenton on the 02 November 2009 in Port Shepstone B Court in front of Magistrate Karen Scheepers and he was sentenced to R10 000 or 10 months imprisonment, half of which was suspended for 5 years.
Kenton made front page headlines in 2003 when he was arrested in Pretoria with nearly 250 kg of illegal crayfish and was sentenced to R60 000 or 2 years imprisonment.
Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife reminds the public that the closed season for East Coast Rock Lobster began on 01 November, during which time it is illegal to catch and keep or to possess them.
The Admission of Guilt fines for marine offences have been increased in most courts in KZN, with the fines in respect of East Coast Rock Lobsters being increased to R500 per offence.

 AJG/ Media Release No: 2009 - 16 
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