Friday, December 04, 2009

All Domains under one Umbrella - Elephant Coast

Property rights are violated in the attempt to posses all domain names to a region. This alone is bad marketing? Yes I agree. For 14 years I have spend my money on promoting the area. This when our Municipalities did not have the vision on the power of the Internet. I had all the time in the world to amalgamate as many domain names as any one person could. But Google, as a search engine, does not recognize this practice. To dominate a key word is futile, ludicrous and impossible.

If all peoples intention around a key word is to respect the word and to built the products behind th word way will one person or organizations attempt to fall pray to the mighty Internet domination thought and attempt a Hitler style take over of Key Words. This to me is short sightedness. I will have to write a report and submit it to the relevant authorities to clear this matter.

Search engines  base the power of a web site to the size of the site, the age of the domain and the relevance of the content.

Search Engines look at:
  1. How many relevant pages link to this site
  2. How relevant is the content towards the key words
  3. How old is the site
The ElephantCoastCoZa domain is now six years old. For Africa has invested a lot of time and money into this venture when nobody else believed in it. Why should I surrender all this time and money invested in this product for Free. It is stupidity. Their is many variants of these keywords still available in domain name form. No one will be able to dominate all of them. You have your domains ... why not focus on Branding the area. This is why you get all our tax money from the Government  any way.

by Petrus Viviers
Domain Owner

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