Thursday, December 03, 2009

Domain ownership is a Right

Domain ownership is property right and is covered by South African law which is in line with International law. It is basically  works on a first come first serve basis. What it means is that if some one has registered a domain name for a valid reason then the domain remains that entities legal property. Freedom of speech stretches the meaning of valid reason far and leaves it widely open for interpretation.

When a person or legal entity wants to obtain some one else's property rights to a domain name it means you need to negotiate some sort of deal with the legal domain owner. The regulator body has a system in place when two parties agree to transfer such a domain they fill in a transfer request form. This transfer request form or ticket is presented to the domain owner for his/her approval.

On requesting such a ticket without the domain owners knowledge or permission is not only rude but it reflects poorly on your intentions and is similar to some one that attempts to transfer your legal ownership of your car or house with out your written consent. It is not on. Every web site manager  will object to such methods of dealings.

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