Saturday, November 27, 2010

IMfolozi current conditions

As the flow to the ocean is declining clouds are forming over the ocean. At this rate it seems that the anual allocation of mother natures contribution will waste a way to the ocean.

Very little rain is reported in the catchment area that feed the St. Lucia Lake system and it looks like the wetlands might be able to experience a green drought??? Current conditions is very confusing.

by Petrus Viviers

Monday, November 22, 2010

FW: Eskom Outages Notification

-----Original Message-----
From: info
Sent: 22/11/2010 11:52:16 am
Subject: Eskom Outages Notification

Dear St Lucia Residents,

Kindly note that Eskom has the following electricity outages planned for St Lucia, which may not happen due to rainy weather or any other reason:

22 November 2010 Out from 23 pm to midnight Ref 42333037

23 November 2010 Out from 10am to 2pm Ref 41736163

25 November 2010 Out from 10am to 2pm Ref 41735466

30 November 2010 Out from 7am to 6pm Ref 4304014315

2 December 2010 Out from 7am top 6pm Ref 42231581

You are welcome to phone 08600 37566 customer service centre.

Imelda Du Plessis
Manager - St Lucia Wilds
Self-Catering Holiday Accommodation
Tel/Fax: 035 590 1033

PS: Big Birding Day - 27 November 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Imfolozi current conditions

This photo was taken early Yesturday morning by 16h00 the river was so high in flood I could not cross back over the same low water brige. This type of rain fall will surely have a impact on the long draging dry spell of the past couple of years.

Since it was raining to much by the time I left St Lucia I did not take a photo of the Estuary mouth, but the change in the sediment between mouth and see was not much.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

St Lucia Estuary Mouth Current Conditions

As I took this photo it just started to rain again. It is good news for the wetlands and obviously the town since the holiday season is about to start. We can expect a great Shad run early December and excelent weather over Christmas.

From the sixteenth December people visiting Cape Vidal will have to be up early for only a certain amount of cars are allowed to enter into the park and over this period the limmit is reach soon.

Sadly I cannot report an open mouth in the near future since the sediment between the mouth and the ocean still covers a vast distance but this distance have been reduced a lot. The next two days will play a vital role in the amount of sediment movement.

Only time will tell if we are about to have a breach this year or the next change of season in March next year.

Fishing should be good by Saturday but changing conditions makes predictions very difficult at this time, but I would predict good fishing South of Cape Vidal towards the light house dispite weather conditions for this weekend.

Imfolozi River will be flowing and preveiling wind direction will push the dirty water Northwards towards First Rocks and The Slides.

Tight Lines ...

Imfolozi River current condition

Never stopped flowing since it came in flood. Still muddy and it is all enroute to the ocean at St. Lucia Estuary where it will be deposited on the beaches of The iSimangaliso Wetlands Park.

With all the wtelands systems on the way planed over by Sugar Cane the St Lucia Estuary has no defence against all this sediment. For this reason this water is not channeld into the St Lucia Lake Sytem and are millions of critters suffering due to a water shortage in the Lake.

Hope some good comes from the GEF money that was allocated to The Isimangaliso Wetlands Park.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

St. Lucia Local Kayak Fishing Success Story

Hi Lawrence,


Dankie vir die Lekker kayak surf trials


A friend and I are planning a kayak trip down part of the Mozambican coast. Until we met up with Lawrence from St Lucia Kayak Fishing neither one of us had ever been on a kayak, never mind been out on the ocean. Our surf trials lasted two days. On the first morning, Lawrence briefed us on kayaks, their construction and what we should look out for before purchasing a kayak. Once at the beach, he gave us a quick rundown on the day's surf conditions, and pointed out several structures in the water based on what the surf was doing. A safety briefing followed, including what to do when you come off your kayak.


Next we hit the water and went through several drills, like getting back on your kayak if you come off. Much of the morning was spent getting in and out of the surf, with Lawrence never being too far off to deliver advice and tips. By the time the second morning came around, both my friend and I were fairly proficient in making our way through the waves, reading the conditions and knowing when not to do certain things.


Our two-day training stint with Lawrence from St Lucia Kayak Fishing really exceeded my expectations. His knowledge of the sea, gained from spending a lifetime on the Natal coastline, seemed to never run dry. Aside from sharing his kayak techniques and knowledge, he also gave us a massive amount of info on fishing – what works and what doesn't.


I actually met up with a fairly experienced kayak fisherman the week after our training, and he was pleasantly surprised at how much we learnt in such a short time. From kayaks to reading surf conditions and hooking into a big catch, our two days with Lawrence was worth the drive from Johannesburg.


Francois Delport,


Friday, October 29, 2010

St Lucia Estuary ... People Fishing again!

With water supply restored to the town it is inevediable for holidaymakers and eco tourist to flock into the region once again.

Reports of Grunter is streaming in and fisherman will heard on the beaches over spring tide next weekend to catch some elusive specimens.

For the eco tourist the good news is in the filled up water holes and wetlands atracting many fowl like Egyptian Gees, Spurwing Gees and many more. Fruitbats hanging around town and Hippo sharing a night stroll with people enjoying the fresh air. Red Duiker and Bushbuck greeting you with the Hornbill's wake up call.

St Lucia will always be the best place to hang out ....

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

liMfolozi River Current Condition

Filled to the brim the river is constantly flowing into the ocean. Prevailing wind pushes the merky water northwards towards Mission Rocks. It is to early to tell but this could clear up by the weekend.

Dry tap is no more an option and resort owners are prepaired for any unforseen misshaps,thus for a fun filled Christmas for this peacefull town is eminent.

Watch this space for regular updates. Who know we may have an estuary breach into the ocean before then.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Village Corner Service Station

Car & Bus Wash Bay, Village Corner Liquors, Take Away, Convienience Store, Spare Shop, Wheel & Tyre Repair bay. Domestic Gas, Ice, ATM, Lotto and Airtime.

Easy acces to fuel pumps for Boats and Busses. Free wash for large Tour Busses with every fill up.

Tel: 035 590 1478

Cnr of Dolphin Street and Pelican Street Stlucia Estuary, iSimangaliso Wetlands Park, The Elephant Coast of South Africa.

Salon Nelique

Beauty Salon, St Lucia Estuary, iSimangaliso Wetlands Park, Elephant Coast of South Africa.

Tel: 035 590 1417
Cel: 084 764 2981

Thursday, October 21, 2010

St Lucia Yesterday, Today and Tomorow

As I stood talking to two of the local residents whom have ocupied the town like forever it became evedent that things will never be the same again, but then our generation would clearly not survive St Lucia of yester year.

We are the fast food generation, the parents of the thumb tribe... Ironacaly this entry is done on a E63 punching away at micro keypad at five words a minute and no spell checker to help.

St. Lucia has develeop into a world class Tourist destination and is one of the only towns surrounded by a Game Park. As one of the permenant residance, Johan owmer of the boat Harlekyn, once said on a TV interview. 'St Lucia is the only place in the world where a Hippo and a dog can talk to each other.'

As this is to true since many video has been made and landed on Youtube about the free roaming Hippo. Small Red Duiker are ever present and the sad call off the Trumpeter Hornbill as your wake up call.

Today I am sure was a spring day since the migrating Swallows has arrived some time this week from Europe. They are still very vocal as nesting arrangements are sorted. Some how people frown if one dare claim that Spring sprung late this year.

Tomorrow people will be embarking on fishing trips, Whale watching and snorkeling. Some will even go on an Estuary Cruise and others will walk around town or feasting in one off the many Restaurants.

What ever yor Holiday plans are make sure that it includes a trip up or down the coast and popin for a soal refreshing stay.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

IMfolozi River current conditions

With the recent rains it is un avoidable for the River to continue its ancient path to the Indian ocean. Current wind conditions is diong natures part in ensuring favaroble fishing conditions for this weekend.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

iMfolozi Current Conditions

Above the water works the water table has clearly risen but this will not influence fishing conditions over the weekend. Monday could bring some down pours that might change the situation for the weekend of the 6th. When the iMfolozi water flows it takes loads of top soil down river into the ocean at St. Lucia. This results in muddy water North and South of the river mouth and water could be murky as far North as Mission Rocks.

Water on tap in St. Lucia should be more available this week for the water table in the River bed has improved dramatically and all the drainage that was dug in the river bed is currently filled with seepage water from the raising water table. Only rain can bring relief to a tedious and expensive task of digging drainage burrows into the river bed.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Advantage News 18 September 2010


WHALE WATCHING sightings has again been very special this season with daily guaranteed sightings of HUMPBACK Whales, extras sightings including large schools of dolphins every other day, flying fish which still catches everybody's imagination ( imagine seeing this little fish jumping out of the water next to the vessel, and then for the next 800m's having this 'fish' 'fly' next to the boat with those see-through wings - nobody that haven't
seen a flying fish before will be able to understand...,very few people have ever been able to actually photograph this little creature...

We have also spotted some Leatherback Turtles next to the boat, a sign that the turtles are back on their way to come and lay their eggs on our beaches between the months of November to February.

A week ago an extra sighting of a great white shark was also extraordinary special.

And then off course it was a heart sore day when the baby HUMPBACK whale washed up on the beach and eventually had to be shot, there has been a couple of dead whales washing up along the coastline as every other year. Only thing that can be done is to take a skin sample, send it off to Marine and Coastal Management who can then determine the cause of death.

There have been the odd 'bad-wind' days in-between, where we have had to cancel trips, but otherwise overall good ocean conditions and good

WHALE WATCHING season lasts until the 1st week of December, after which we will start a daily 07h00 - 10h00 Dolphin/Marine Mammal Ocean Adventure trip to enjoy those 2hours on the ocean, see the highest dunes at Mapelane and a drive past the Jolly Rubino Shipwreck.

HIPPO / CROC trips aboard the ADVANTAGE CRUISER same as always, a must-to-do, and this week again the great extra bonus of the leopard walking along the banks of the estuary.
NEW little hippo calves are also born quite regularly, and ooh's and aah's from the customers onboard.
Always to bring along a camera for those special sightings!

Keep on sending your clientele for these trips that bring memories that last a lifetime!

Fond Regards for now
Riette on behalf of Advantage Whale and Hippo trips
035 5901259 (office)
083 487 2762 (after hour's cell nr)
035 5901053 (fax)

Current conditions iMfolozi River

The river is not bone dry, but the dry conditions in KZN is showing. The rain did not bring much relief and water shortages will be with us for a while to come. Property owners are installing Jobo water tanks to make up for the dry tap periods that is haunting the town.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fwd: Bird Photos

Lesser Masked Weaver (fairly common local resident) which means they are seen 1-10 a day in suitable habitat only in restricted areas of that habitat breeding in SA -
- photo by Shane Chudleigh at Hluhluwe
White Fronted Plover (common resident) which means they are seen 10-50 times a day in suitable habitat and breed in SA - photo by I du Plessis beach St Lucia
Red-winged Pratincole (locally common summer visitor) which means they are seen only in restricted areas of suitable habitat
10-50 times a day during September to March. Photo by LQ du Plessis at Pan Loop

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Winter has it own charms ...

Winter has it own charms, breathtakingly beautiful bright orange sunsets over the lake, warm sunny days and of course better fishing opportunities with the cooler ocean water. I really do not know how man (women too!) get up at first sunlight (or before) to go fishing from an ice cold beach. I can only manage that in summer, psychologically I cannot move below 15°. My father of 75 caught 2 Garrick so far this season and I am very appreciative to the selfless stronger men out there helping him land the fish. Shad is here, just waiting for the big ones, and be aware of the sharks out there too hunting the same fish as you.

This is all very exciting but all this fishing leaves a foul smell on the beach and between the rocks. I am referring to the litter of plastic, fishing line and the toxic cigarette butts. How difficult can be too put your litter (of any kind) in a rubbish bag to throw away in a more suitable environment for rubbish.

It breaks my heart to see crabs entangled in fishing line or birds starve to death due to plastic caps in their stomachs giving them a false sense of fullness. The baby fish are just starting out and the need to be in protected pool at this stage in their lives, now that little pool is contaminated with a cigarette.

The other concern I have is the disturbance of shells with living creatures inside them. Why would you pry a shell off the rock then put it upside down and walk off.? How must the snail get upright again? Like one unintelligent aunty told me when I asked her the question politely, "I want the shell, the thingy can crawl out and find another shell". The other thing that makes my blood boil is the small fishing nets used to destroy tidal pools. The banging, scraping and moving of rocks all destroy sensitive small systems, even plants start out small. My husband pick-up a small fishing net way out at sea while he was fishing from his kayak with 2 tiny fishes (about 1,5 cm long) caught in the netting. They would have died there, too much sun and no food. On release they both dived for the bottom, starved most probably. This made me realise that the majority of "good" people do not know anything about shells and life on rocky shores and beaches.

It is always the parents' responsibility to teach their children to respect nature and to preserve nature for the future. Children imitate parents more than they realise. It was my father who instilled this need to protect nature, he was the example. I remember him catch and release birds, spiders, mice rather than kill them. He would move pythons back into the forest after a meal so that people cannot see or hurt it when most vulnerable and slow. My point I had a good example and we had books about animals too.

My request to you is to pick-up shells washed up after a high tide, leave the living ones alone, and to put your litter in a bag not hide it in rock crevices. Look at the fish in the tidal pools and feed them if you like but do not disturb their little world. If you see someone abusing your heritage, explain to them in a friendly manner the impact of their actions. Take their insults like a man but I bet you they will think about your words next time.

Imelda Du Plessis
Manager - St Lucia Wilds
Self-Catering Holiday Accommodation
Tel/Fax: 035 590 1033
PS: Think twice before you support illegal animal and plant trade or craft.
Please use our water sparingly and do not litter.
Special rates for September and October 2010, just ask.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

iSimangaliso WHALE WATCHING 2010

Dear All


A full week of very successful HUMPBACK WHALE sightings and many satisfied clientele onboard the ADVANTAGE CHARTER boat-based-whale-watching vessel from St Lucia with extra additional sightings daily of Common and Bottlenose Dolphins.


This week saw us with a repeat sighting of a peculiar Humpback Whale that was spotted in 2009 during whale season with a unique marking, thus again just showing that the same family of whales use the same migratory route year after year.


Whale watching season lasts until the beginning of December, so please make sure to join this once-in-a-lifetime experience to see these gigantic mammals from as close as 50m’s.


For more information see our website:


cell: 083 487 2762

off : 035 5901259




Best Regards

Riette Bennett


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Free Inclusion

St. Lucia Org Za has a very neat Blog. Contributions to this Blog can be send to and will be added free of charge. 1 - 3 photo's and some text. All contact details and a web address will be added. Please write the email as a Blog story. The Blog is auto updated via email. Get St. Lucia on the map with low cost high exposure marketing. A Web Log is like a dairy ... all about the day to day happenings ...

Keep the flow of information going while the spotlight is on St. Lucia. Regular updates will attract more visitors and people will be influenced to make impulsive dissensions on their next weekend trip. St. Lucia is a unique little town with many things to do, but we need to keep the information flowing. Conferences, Fishing Competitions or community events all need the same exposure. This is the platform.

Contact: Petrus Viviers
             083 584 7473

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lodge Afriquè - Guest House

Lodge Afriquè is a newly built 4 star Bed and Breakfast Guest House with eight free standing thatched suites each with full afro/Victorian bathroom. Lodge Afriquè can cater for up to 16 people at a time. The spacious and luxurious air conditioned suites each with a private outdoor shower leading of the patio is situated in a tropical garden with a sparkling pool. All the suites are connected to the Central Lodge by a raised wooden deck pathway over the beautiful garden.
Guests gather in the Central Lodge which includes the Breakfast, Bar, Braai and Leisure Area equipped with satellite television.


Telephone: 27 035 5901696

Fax: 27 035 5901696

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kwêla Rapport Town of the Year Award.

Vote and win. sms St. Lucia to 33157 and stand a chance to win Great Prices. This is a no brainer we all know St. Lucia should be the Kwela Town of the year. By joinning us in claiming this award you stand a chance to win big prices. Voting is limmited to only 100 sms's per entry. Each Vote is only R1.50. For a mere R...150.00 you can ensure a chance to a great Maritius Holiday for two.

Vote now and keep on voting ... Do not stop ... 100 per cell is the target ...

Remember "St. Lucia" to 33157 (please advice your friends)

Pieter Cilliers Produksies BK bestaan sedert 1989, toe Pieter Cilliers die SAUK verlaat het om as uitvoerende regisseur by M-Net se Carte Blanche oor te neem. Die produksie-huis was oor die afgelope jare verantwoordelik vir programme soos: Kwêla, Kunskafee, Pasella, SigNature, Improve your Frame of ... Persone wat in die finale rondte van Kwêla en Rapport se Dorp van die Jaar-kompetisie stem deur een van die finaliste se naam (St. Lucia) na  33157 te sms*, kom outomaties in aanmerking vir die volgende prys wat deur World Luxury Hotel Awards geborg word:

R1.50 per sms ...


HUMPBACK whale-watching-season is back on track since the beginning of June and lasts until the beginning of December.
So far this year we've been blessed with aweseme sightings of the gigantic 40ton Humpback Whale a mere 50m's from the boat.
This is truly an experience of a lifetime, and yes, something on your must-to-do list that has to be ticked off.
These tours are done aboard the ADVANTAGE CHARTER boat in St Lucia, lasts 2hours on the ocean , but we need 3hours of your time to travel to-and-from the beach.
From the 1st of June until the end of Nov sightings are gauranteed, if you have not seen any whale after 2hours at sea, you get a 40% refund.
Whale greetings

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kwalucia Private Safari Retreat

Kwalucia Private Safari Retreat is nestled in the beautiful village of St Lucia in KwaZulu-Natal, the only private village in Southern Africa to be completely surrounded by a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site, the iSimangaliso Wetland Park (Formerly the Greater St Lucia Wetland Park) .
Kwalucia Private Safari Retreat is the first 5-star Bed and Breakfast/Guest house in St Lucia. This a newly built exclusive African Safari Retreat is born from the combination of the Zulu spirit and the passion for unspoiled wilderness. We offer 4 exclusive African styled en suite guestrooms, all of which have each a private patio leading onto a romantic tropical garden with indigenous trees.
All suites are equipped with bar fridge, tea and coffee making facilities, air conditioning, ceiling fans, Digital wall safe, hairdryer and WiFi access point.
All bathrooms are equipped with spacious showers, wash hand basin and a relaxing Victorian free standing bath, bath robes, toilet and shaving plugs, all in a beautiful African style design.
After a wonderful day of unforgettable experiences in St. Lucia and the surrounding areas your luxury and cosy room will fulfil your dreams. Wake up in the morning knowing that each day will allow for the adventure and peace of Africa to enter your soul.
At Kwalucia Private Safari Retreat hearty breakfast is served in the dining area in- or outside, overlooking the large rim flow pool, or on your request on your private patio.
At this romantic intimate Safari Retreat, all our guests have access to a large well lit swimming pool with rim flow. A well designed sundeck awaits you for relaxing and peaceful afternoons.
The main lounge provides you with full DSTV and a small library for your leisure and relaxation.
Around the fire in the boma, it is the perfect place where tales of the day are told. Dinners can be arranged on request.
Kwalucia Private Safari Retreat is situated within safe walking distance (just watch out for the hippos at night) to the main road (McKenzie Street), where numerous excellent restaurants are situated to cater all your desires.
Kwalucia Private Safari Retreat form a combination of calm and convenience, resulting in absolute comfort for guests who want to relax and rejuvenate their spirits with an opportunity to explore and to discover the staggeringly beautiful surroundings.
Owner management - English, Afrikaans, French & Dutch spoken.
RATES: From 01 November 2010 - 31 October 2012:

Per person per night sharing : R 840
Per person per night single : R 950

Children under 12 year old : R 395

  • Rates include a healthy Country Style Breakfast,witch includes hot breakfast, teas, coffee facilities and water.
  • All rates are inclusive 14% VAT and in (ZAR) South African Rand.
  • During our high season (15 Dec – 10 Jan) prices increase by 10%.
  • Rates are subject to change without prior notice, however rates quoted for confirmed booking (50% deposit on reservation) will be honored.
  • Diners are available on request: R240 per person including a half bottle of wine and waters.
  • Airport shuttle from & to Richards Bay can be arranged: price available on request.
  • Packages: price available on request.
  • Tour operators and agents rates available on request.
  • Check-in time is from 14H – Check-out time is before 11 o’clock.
  • Please note as courtesy to other guest, no smoking is permitted in the suites, dining room and lounge,however these are smoking facilities on the private patios etc….
PAYMENTS:A deposit of 50% of the total accommodation charges is required to confirm a provisional reservation.
For our high season (15 Dec – 10 Jan) where a full payment is required in advance
CANCELLATIONS: our cancellations or non arrival policy is as follow:
  • 4 weeks before arrival 50% of full amount is forfeited
  • 2 weeks before arrival 75% of full amount is forfeited
  • 1 week or less before arrival 100% of full amount is forfeited
You will discover the many treasures of the park. Guided tours in safari vehicles or self-drives tours in your own vehicle will give you the opportunity to discover the rocks pools at Mission Rock, Cape Vidal, Banghazi lake, a number of gravel roads (accessible with sedan cars) through the different ecosystems, short walks to suited look out point with views of the Indian ocean, rolling grassland and lake St Lucia will give you the opportunity to experience nature close up; to taste; to smell and feel the bush….
There is nothing as iconic of Africa as the Big 5. In the Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Game Reserve,once the hunting grounds of the famous Zulu chief Shaka,the park is renown for its efforts in saving the white rhino from extinction and the magnificence of these first foothills of the coastal escarpment. White rhino abound and sightings of elephants are not unusual. The park also has lion, cheetah, black rhino, leopard, wild dog, a large population of giraffe and much more. Bird sightings may include lesser jacana, lapped-vaced vultures ,bateleur eagles, white-headed vultures, southern banded snake eagle etc…Guided safari in open vehicles or self guided safari in your own vehicle can be organized.
On the estuary will leave memories of St Lucia that will always be treasured.
(Seasonal) From June to November, humpback whales pass along the coastline during their annual migration from their feeding grounds in the Antarctic, to calve off the coast of Mozambique. These phenomenal mammals can weigh up to 45 tons and are sometimes visible from the shoreline, however a boat based whale watching tour is highly recommended.
(Seasonal) From November to March the female turtle emerges, under the cover of the darkness, from the sea, seeking a suitable site to dig a 1 meter deep nest….Where you experience the miracle of nesting of the leatherback ( weighs up to 900 kgs) and loggerheads turtles. Step into the world of those amazing and ancient reptiles as they dodge sharks offshore and humans,crabs,badgers and jackals on shore to return and hatch from these ancient nesting grounds.
An overnight tour with qualifies guides
Explore marine magnificence: Scuba diving and snorkeling are found to various destinations within the iSimangaliso Wetland Park, from Cape Vidal to Sodwana Bay….Sodwana Bay is one of the top 10 diving sites in the world. Over 1200 species of fish, whales, sharks, manta ray and the rare coelacanth have been recorded. The reefs have 95 known species of 43 groups of hard coral and 11 known groups of soft coral.
iSimangaliso Wetland Park is a sub tropical paradise with massive golden sand dunes, which are some of the world highest vegetated dunes ,tumble onto miles of glistering golden beaches lapped by the blue waters of the warm Indian Ocean…Walking along the sea shore with sea spray dancing on your face will simply rejuvenate your soul….
The Zululand Birding Route as developed an experienced network of local guides to assist birders find the “specials” of a specific birding site using local knowledge and observation skills…
Self-guided walk to wilderness trails with qualified rangers will leave you with memories of a life time as you go “game viewing”.
Guides cycled trips including bicycle hire, are offered in and around St Lucia taking in views of the ocean and trips through the forest…
A number of different horse riding safaris are on offer. From a 1 hour ride along the beach up to a multi-day safari through the bush…
Kayaking tours with experienced guides on the Estuary allow visitors to get up close to an array of water birds, hippos and crocodiles…
Share the quietness and the peace of the African nights trying to spot one of our local leopards, hippos ,bush babies and many more of the night life…
For the big game fisherman the waters of the Indian Ocean provide a spirited challenge, with the deep zones of the continental shelf being home to species such as marlin, seal fish, barracuda, tuna, king and queen fish…
You can visit the crocodile center on your own or join a guided tour and watch the feed of the crocs on certain days.
A nice well stocked curious shop is situated within the center…
There are several cultural villages that provide a historical experience of Zulu traditional life. Learn about the task performed by different members of a community, watch energic Zulu dancing and taste traditional brewed sorghum beer.
2 golf courses are within close distances of St Lucia: the Monzi Golf Course is situated 16 kms from St Lucia and the Umfolozi Golf Course is 55 kms away. Both courses are 9 holes courses with 2 tees off positions, this making them 18 holes courses. Other facilities at the clubs include tennis and squash courts…

At KWALUCIA PRIVATE SAFARI RETREAT, you can just indulge yourself around the swimming pool, at the sundeck or at your private patio…
P.O. Box 33
17 Katonkel St
3936 St Lucia Estuary
KwaZulu Natal
South Africa

Tel: 0027(0)35 5901077
Cell: 0027(0)72 9930077
Fax: 0027(0)86 6174128

Monday, June 07, 2010

St Lucia Break away Weekend - Mangos Guest House

It is official. St. Lucia is one of the places to relax and recharge your batteries. Since everything is such a rush and so little time to do so many things a two night weekend is a short hop from Durban, Pietermaristzburg or even as far as Ermelo. Maybe St. Lucia is not the fishing destination it normally presents it self as. For this there is many reasons, but with the recent early winter rain the Lake Levels are substantially higher and an Estuary Boat Cruise is a must.

From Next month the whale season will be in full swing and for those who would like to avoid the rush one could wait until then, but currently the Advantage Crew has delivered and their Whale and mammal Tour is just the thing for a couple to enjoy on a quick Romantic break away weekend. St. Lucia is so compact that one can meander on a late afternoon stroll and end up in one of the many very Romantic Restaurants. A late night walk back home will only disturb the roaming Hippo and antelope.

Book you weekend now in this Rustic upmarket Log home. Mangoes Guest House can be booked as a self catering house or Bed and Breakfast. This cozy Home is with in walking distance of the Estuary Boat Cruise, Walking Trails and Restaurants. Night Drives onto the Eastern Shores will pick you up from your door step and bookings can be done in advance to avoid disappointment. The ambiance of a weekend at Mangoes will set the mood for late afternoon walk along the Hippo's and Crocks on the elevated path ways.

An Afternoon picnic at Honeymoon bend or a morning drive to Cape Vidal. All this in Nature away from city life. Cape Vidal and the eastern shores route offers four of the Big Five and on the way, there is many view points to visit and Hippo pools to stop at. Book now and spoil a loved one.

Just reply to this entry to set everything in motion.

(by Petrus Viviers)

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

St. Lucia Wilds - Self Catering Accommodation

St Lucia Wilds offer self-catering holiday accommodation in Zululand, South Africa for couples, single travellers, families, birders, eco-tourists, "mature" backpackers and nature enthusiasts. Our vacation units are neat, clean in a garden setting on the embankment of the St Lucia Estuary away from the town noise.

St Lucia town is uniquely situated surrounded by a World Heritage Site, the iSimangaliso Wetland Park, an ideal base to explore and experience our unspoilt natural heritage.

The park stretches 220 km along the northern coastline of Kwa-Zulu Natal, against the warm Indian Ocean. This area boasts:

  • 1000 Nile crocodiles;
  • 8 Inter-linked ecosystems;
  • 526 bird species;
  • 800 hippos;
  • 35 species of frogs;
  • 105 species of fish.
  • Ceolocanths;
  • African Elephant;
  • Whales;
  • 100 coral species;
  • 5 species of Turtles.
  • 5 Cultural groups.

We have the only significant major swamp forest in SA, 25 000 year old vegetated costal dunes, 3 major lake systems ( Lake Sibaya, - St Lucia and Kosi Bay), all 5 south african mangrove tree species, 36 species of snake, 80 species of dragonflies, 110 species of Butterflies and more than 2000 species of flowering plants.

See the Big 5 (Lion, Leopard, Elephant, Buffalo and Rhino) as well as the other 5 (Hippo, Crocodile, Fish Eagle, Leatherback and Loggerhead Sea Turtles and Humpback Whales) while you relax in the warm humid summer tropical climate.

Watch the sun set rise over the sea and set over the lake the same day, be awaked by sound of the Trumpeter Hornbill sad song, feel the sun burn your skin and breathe in the clean warm air of one of the oldest and most diverse reserves in the world.

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  P.O. Box 70
  St Lucia, 3936
  Telephone and Fax +27 35 5901033

Cape Vidal Road Closure??

Isimangaliso Wetlands Park Closed |
By admin
Please note that should you be interested in visiting Cape Vidal ( Isimangaliso Wetlands Park ) that the road to this destination will be closed due to construction work. Cape Vidal is and has been in need of the construction work for a ... -

Let us put some dates and detail to this email. It was only the last 4km of road leading to the beach that was closed and this should be open by 03 June 2010. So any body en route to Cape Vidal for fishing or snorkeling this weekend would not have any difficulty with getting there safely. This weekend should be lovely sunny weather and Shad could also be on the specie list for recreational angling. This specie has been caught up and down the coast this season already and a monster specimen was landed by Deon from Raggie Tackle.

Accommodation Bookings can be done here ... or on St LuciaOrgZa

Petrus Viviers

Monday, May 31, 2010

Goodmorning St Lucia

A Morning Sunrise over the Indian Ocean with a Cuppauccino and a Choc Chip muffin clears all the stress. With the winter hollidays upon us it is a good time to head down to your favourite coastal destination.

Vervet Monkexs

At the braai area at Cape Vidal one must keep the food out of their reach.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

The iMfolozi River

Currently flowing into the ocean just south of St Lucia Estuary. Also a very popular fishing spot as it enters the ocean. The flow influance fishing and brings great deposits of top soil from its catchment areas high in the mountains.

St Lucia Honeymoon Bend

A Public open space with a loveley view shielded from windy conditions.

St Lucia Mouth area

Still closed. With low water levels in the wetlands this condition will not change soon.

Friday, April 30, 2010

Fishing Weekend 30/04/2010 - 03/05/2010

Fishing Kwa Zulu Natal North Coast Richards Bay to Cape Vidal

Tides High & Low

-- : --


Saturday 01/05/2010. Max 24C Min 15C.
Mostly sunny with a shower in places in the afternoon. Winds from the WSW at 8 km/h.
Mostly Cloudy w/ Showers
Occasional rain and drizzle in the evening; otherwise, clouds breaking. Winds from the SSW at 16 km/h.

Partly Sunny
Partly sunny and pleasant. Winds from the ESE at 12 km/h.
Realfeel®: 23 °C
High: 22 °C
Sunday Night, May 2
Overcast. Winds from the N at 17 km/h.
Realfeel®: 14 °C
Mostly Cloudy
Variable cloudiness. Winds from the WNW at 17 km/h.
Realfeel®: 24 °C
High: 26 °C
Monday Night, May 3
Mostly Clear
Mainly clear. Winds from the WNW at 12 km/h.
Realfeel®: 17 °C

Where and When to Fish
Richards Bay
South, Short and North Pier. This is extreme fishing weather and expect to find some more Santers/Reds/Soldiers in the Harbor and from the Piers. Santers seek saf haven in protected deep water bay's when storms are brooding over the deeper water. The are  small to medium size and a bottom trace line is needed with no. 2 kennel round hooks. Will take Squid and Pink Prawn. Get your bait en route from The Fish Zone in Davidson lane. They have good quality fresh bait at competitive prices.

St. Estuary
Changing wind directions and weather patterns is an excellent time to fish. Also adding to these favorable conditions is the fact that it is only three days after Full moon. With high tides early in the morning and late afternoon it compounds to these excellent conditions.  With the wind pushing from South and water flowing down the iMfolozi River one would visit the  Northern fishing spots at St. Lucia. Starting from the new beach all the way past marker no.4, The slides to First Rocks. Expected catches will be Salmon, cock Grunter, Pompano and spotted Grunter. Take a variety of bait and remember live bait will render more results. Get your mole crabs, buy some prawn and fresh sardine. Baby Squid should also be included.

Cape Vidal
Cape Vidal South and North of the bay. The N4 board all around to the light house will produce fish and medium to heavy Rock and Surf Tackle is needed. Small Carentee and Garfish from the bay will supplement your bait box. Remember no bait from the rocks north of the N4 sign.

Keep on Fishing - only take what you eat above the legal size and bag limit. Do not break bear bottles and clean up our beautiful places when done enjoying your self.

by: Petrus Viviers
083 584 7473

Thursday, April 15, 2010

St Lucia Water Levels

The iMfolozi River is flowing strongly and the water levels in the lake is sustainable.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

No Low Flying over the wetlands

Pilot fined R12 000 for low-flying
According to Andrew Zaloumis, chief executive of the iSimangaliso Wetland Park authority, parks are like “honey pots”, and there are pilots who profit from ...

This no fly zone dates back to the days the Apartheid Government tested missiles in the upper parts of Lake St. Lucia.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Alternative route

Driving between Charters and Fanies need not be boring. The old road has some spectacular views.