Saturday, July 24, 2010

Free Inclusion

St. Lucia Org Za has a very neat Blog. Contributions to this Blog can be send to and will be added free of charge. 1 - 3 photo's and some text. All contact details and a web address will be added. Please write the email as a Blog story. The Blog is auto updated via email. Get St. Lucia on the map with low cost high exposure marketing. A Web Log is like a dairy ... all about the day to day happenings ...

Keep the flow of information going while the spotlight is on St. Lucia. Regular updates will attract more visitors and people will be influenced to make impulsive dissensions on their next weekend trip. St. Lucia is a unique little town with many things to do, but we need to keep the information flowing. Conferences, Fishing Competitions or community events all need the same exposure. This is the platform.

Contact: Petrus Viviers
             083 584 7473

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