Tuesday, November 09, 2010

St Lucia Estuary Mouth Current Conditions

As I took this photo it just started to rain again. It is good news for the wetlands and obviously the town since the holiday season is about to start. We can expect a great Shad run early December and excelent weather over Christmas.

From the sixteenth December people visiting Cape Vidal will have to be up early for only a certain amount of cars are allowed to enter into the park and over this period the limmit is reach soon.

Sadly I cannot report an open mouth in the near future since the sediment between the mouth and the ocean still covers a vast distance but this distance have been reduced a lot. The next two days will play a vital role in the amount of sediment movement.

Only time will tell if we are about to have a breach this year or the next change of season in March next year.

Fishing should be good by Saturday but changing conditions makes predictions very difficult at this time, but I would predict good fishing South of Cape Vidal towards the light house dispite weather conditions for this weekend.

Imfolozi River will be flowing and preveiling wind direction will push the dirty water Northwards towards First Rocks and The Slides.

Tight Lines ...

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