Tuesday, November 02, 2010

St. Lucia Local Kayak Fishing Success Story

Hi Lawrence,


Dankie vir die Lekker kayak surf trials


A friend and I are planning a kayak trip down part of the Mozambican coast. Until we met up with Lawrence from St Lucia Kayak Fishing neither one of us had ever been on a kayak, never mind been out on the ocean. Our surf trials lasted two days. On the first morning, Lawrence briefed us on kayaks, their construction and what we should look out for before purchasing a kayak. Once at the beach, he gave us a quick rundown on the day's surf conditions, and pointed out several structures in the water based on what the surf was doing. A safety briefing followed, including what to do when you come off your kayak.


Next we hit the water and went through several drills, like getting back on your kayak if you come off. Much of the morning was spent getting in and out of the surf, with Lawrence never being too far off to deliver advice and tips. By the time the second morning came around, both my friend and I were fairly proficient in making our way through the waves, reading the conditions and knowing when not to do certain things.


Our two-day training stint with Lawrence from St Lucia Kayak Fishing really exceeded my expectations. His knowledge of the sea, gained from spending a lifetime on the Natal coastline, seemed to never run dry. Aside from sharing his kayak techniques and knowledge, he also gave us a massive amount of info on fishing – what works and what doesn't.


I actually met up with a fairly experienced kayak fisherman the week after our training, and he was pleasantly surprised at how much we learnt in such a short time. From kayaks to reading surf conditions and hooking into a big catch, our two days with Lawrence was worth the drive from Johannesburg.


Francois Delport,



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