Saturday, February 26, 2011

No Signs St. Lucia Wetlands just a Mistake?

Residents of St. Lucia Estuary, iSimangaliso Wetlands Park, woke op Friday Morning (25/02/2011) to a serious of forbidden signs prohibiting them to do a range of things. These signs was erected in the wake of serious clashes between tendering community of St. Lucia, Khula Village and surroundings with The Park Authority.
Various products, Lake Cruises, Deep Sea Fishing and Cycle Tours to mention a few are restricted under the custodianship of The iSimangaliso Wetland Park Authority. This has been promulgated by the CEO since the existence of The LSDI in 1996. How many of the Acer Africa EIA and the original White Paper from 1996 is worked into the Integrated Management Plan is still unclear. 

Locals are in fear of total collapse of the trade and industry as The Park Authority are leaning towards a Eco Tourist Economy controlled by various of restricted access including vehicle control 8 km from Cape Vidal Beach. An official statement released by The Park Authority claims these signs was erected in fault by the contractor.

So mistake, miss understanding  or miss communication the serious of signs has been removed and it seems the stand off between the community and The Authority is looming and Beach Driving, Sediment Control and Human Impact Management is not on the Table yet for discussion by The Authority.  Although this was worked into the original Acer Africa EIA of 1999/2000. 

With Easter Holidays around the corner and establishment, product owners and retail outlets hopping to make up the losses of a two month slow period it is unclear when the fishing restriction will be enforced while the ocean marine and estuary life is deprived another year of breeding and nurseries in the closed Estuary system. Pushing 8 years of bio diversity lost due to a continues drought.

There is no indication whether the Trademarking and owner ship transfer of the land is in proses or successfully concluded. 

by: Petrus Viviers (various sources)

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