Friday, February 25, 2011

Stake Holders Meeting Gone Wrong - iSimangaliso Wetlands Park

Frustration and confusion sets in when a language dominates theconversation. This happened when iSimangaliso Wetlands Park Authorityadvertised a serious of concessions available on Tender. The cumbersomelengthy Tender Documents are all in English and the Stake Holdersrepresent mainly three of the twelve South African Languages. ThisTender proses was introduces by KZN Ezemvello about 13 years ago when tourism boomed in the area. Since then the Park became a World HeritageSite in 1999 and control was given to the LSDI with KZN demoted tocleaning and law enforcement operations. How to split the loot resulted into many access restriction that was enforced on the public.

iSimangaliso Wetland Park Authority scheduled a meeting with the stake  holders to clarify questions and explaining the proses. Since this proses is not their brain child they still frustratingly enough have to entertain it. The Tender proses is a welcoming relief to many disadvantage communities for this will be the first time they can actively take part in the wealth that is locked up in visiting tourist. To ensure continuity of a service some trouble some Anexures has been added to this lengthy document that does not bode well with some existing tour operators. Since the meeting was advertised to be held in Zulu and translations was offered in English some people where furious to find that the meeting was held in English and translated into Zulu. 

Some people that did not understand the language or the dispute there off left quietly. Some people that did have control over both the English and Zulu language stayed. Some people are furious about the proses and the content of the documents and made some very vocal threats as they left. The latter lead to an infusion into emotion running high from cultural barriers and language manipulation. The fact is the game is on the rules are laid out. If you want to play it ... the decision is still vested in the stake holders.

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