Friday, March 04, 2011

St. Lucia Wetlands Pre Holiday Prices

After a vigorous unsuccessful campaign by a group/page on facebook to tarnish the romantic view many has over St. Lucia and a sunset facing main street over looking the Estuary it is clear that no man can succeed. Created by the Almighty himself and refined by mother nature over a 25 000 year period the little town on the Island like setting faces East/West. With this world famous morning glare of Rah over the House of Poseidon and creatures and critters to enhance your weary senses it is clear that every person needs rejuvenation at some point and this is it.

Day - 1
Arrive at your accommodation establishment (0355901033) before 15h00. Make sure your tickets for the 16h00 sunset Cruise (035 5901259) is intact and take a slow stroll down the vegetated lane towards the launching site. Many birds and squirrels will share a little time and space with you.
Embark on this almost mystical experience as the cruise leads you northwards amongst the Crocodiles and Hippo.

Have a Braai upon your return at one of the designated areas or supper at one of the restaurants.

Day - 2
Make sure you are up and at it early to embark on a epic game drive along the Vidal roads and time your snorkel just right. From two hours before low to hour after. Beware of Rah's vengeance is fierce and a factor 40+ will ease his glare. Loop back past Bangazi South and see the day light recede over the watering holes of the Wetlands. Remember the Gate locks at 19h00.

Do not worry to set your alarm bell because the sad call off a Hornbill will cancel your deal with the Sand Man on time. Crab a cupper and muffin from Engine and head east to see father time smile upon another day as Rah starts to show his face. Most exquisite is the rays of the yellow sun pushing the shadows up the tall vegetated sand dune range guarding the pristine coast line from up high above.

Enjoy ...

by Petrus Viviers

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