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A Day in the life ... Tour Guide

St. Lucia Lake Cruises
St. Lucia Estuary
The Elephant Coast
South Africa

Cape Vidal beach area is lovely during the winter months. Summer on these beaches are extremely hot and people are warned to stay out of the sun between 11h00 and 14h00. This is the launching site where many ski boats launch from. The shark attack that was recorded in the iSimangaliso Wetland Park happened 23 km North of this popular swimming and Snorkelling beach.  

Lazy sun bathers can be seen from the launch tours in St. Lucia. These guys are basking in the winter sun, but are still on the hunt from time to time and lately some Water Buck have met there fate while crossing the bar ... ???

Some things are best left for the safety of your pool. What ever this Water Buck had planned no one will know, but Derick assure me that he safely escaped a crawling creepy submerged in the fresh water that now dominate the upper parts of the Estuary.

Flight of Th Fish Eagle ???

Tea party alla Saint Lucia style. We know that there is more ladies in this pod since the dominant male, Vincent are very protective of his "brothel" of babes.

To embark on a lazy Lake Cruise with Captain Deiric Walsh one should book through the offices of St. Lucia Safaris and asked to embark on a world famous Hippo Cruise With Deiric.

En Route to Cape Vidal

No More Demoina's ?

What ever your interest in St. Lucia, whether it is Shad Fishing or Bird Watching a Lake Cruise cannot be missed. Book now for your weekend break away. For your package deal call Petrus Viviers on 081 342 7371 or deal direct with St. Lucia Safari's

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