Sunday, July 17, 2011

Happy Hippo Hunting? Injured Baby ....

Abandoned baby,injured and alone,will see today if it survives.

Many moons ago when tourism was an infant in the post Apartheid South Africa we had many wanna be green tourist flying in from all over the world doing so called "hunting" outings shooting rolls off silver based photo frames and even moving pictures. As the result the phrase "hunting" stuck with me for many years to come.

As time progress I invoked many frown with this almost slanderous statement for hunters seems to be more educated greenies that Green Peace them selves. If not for the Big Game Hunters from around the world we would not have the way paved for so much diversity of wild life in most parts of the world as in Africa ...

To be a real "Wild" enthusiast one must understand the need for humans to integrate with the planet and not get emotional about it.So many Eco Tourist fly into Africa staying in 5 Star facilities bombarding the ozone with Carbon foot prints to outlast two life times and still call the residents of the nursery of the planet, barbaric, uncivilised and poor. As If!!

On top of this their maternal instincts kick in and they feed the monkeys and various other animals and taking control over defenceless creatures natural instinct and fore ever altering their behaviour. As in the case of this baby Hippo stumbling around the Wetlands abandoned by its mother. The first reaction is "will the authorities intervene" Yes ... sometimes when public out cry becomes to loud and the wanna bees insist on controlling nature they will step in and destroy the animal before some poor idiot adopts it and changes life on earth for ever.

by Petrus Viviers
    081 342 7371

This story is my view on Nature Conservation and do not represent any Conservation Authority or Organisation what so ever. Please stop feeding the monkeys.

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